Services and Equipment

The Core Facility aims to assists GW reasearchers by providing access to well chracterized, state-of-the-art cytometry equipment for sophisticated cell analysis, as well as services in instrument setup and training, experimental design, methods troubleshooting, data analysis, and interpretation of results.


We offer services in cell sorting and analysis, data analysis, and instrument and software training. Usage incurs a nominal fee.


The facility maintains three cytometers, one cell sorter and two cell analyzers and a workstation for data analysis.

  • Cell Sorter: 4-laser, 15-color BD Influx high speed cell sorter.
  • Cell Analyzer: 3-laser, 12 color BD Celesta analyzer.
  • Cell Analyzer: 3-laser, 8 color Cytex Upgraded FACS Calibur analyzer.
  • PC workstation with the latest cytometry data analysis software and educational resources.