The tutorials, references, and publications in this section have been chosen to help you learn about flow cytometry or expand your existing knowledge of the field.

Vendor Resources/Tutorials/Training
Biolegend-Flow Cytometry Tools
Excyte Expert Cytometry
BD Biosciences-Introduction to Flow Cytometry-Online Training
BD Biosciences-Flow Cytometry Resources

Software Help

Select Cytometry Education Resources
Practical Flow Cytometry, 4th edition Shapiro H
Current Protocols in Cytometry Wiley (see core staff for access)
Flow Cytometry: First Principles, 2nd edition Givan A
Borrow from Himmelfarb Library (available to GW faculty, staff, and students)
Flow Cytometry Protocols, 3rd edition Hawley T, Hawley R
Borrow from Himmelfarb Library (available to GW faculty, staff, and students)

Panel Design Tools
FluoroFinder panel builder for GWU instrument configurations
Biolegend-Spectra Analyzer
BD Biosciences-Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer 

Select Publications and Presentations
Introduction Flow Cytometry-AbD Serotec Rahman M et al.
Compensation (An Informal Perspective) Roederer M
Flow Cytometry Controls, Instrument Setup, and the Determination of Positivity Maecker H, Trotter J
Quality assurance for polychromatic flow cytometry using a suite of calibration beads Perfetto S et al.
Interpreting flow cytometry data: a guide for the perplexed Herzenberg L et al.
Standardizing Flow Cytometry Immunophenotyping Analysis from the Human ImmunoPhenotyping Consortium
Data File Standard for Flow Cytometry Feature descriptions of an FCS data file
Recent advances in flow cytometric cell sorting Osborne G

User groups
Purdue Cytometry Discussion List
International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC)