General Information

These are examples of experiments that have been successfully performed using instruments in the Core Facility. All examples include an abstract, instruments used, representative figures, figure legends, and references.

Multiple Fluorescent Proteins Detection

This example shows the utilization of four fluorescent protein reporters simultaneously, which highlights fluorescence compensation and the display of compensated data.

Central Nervous System Tissue Analysis

This example presents an optimized flow cytometric analysis of central nervous system tissue.

Drug Resistance Monitoring

This example shows the monitoring of drug resistance in a multiple myeloma cell line with a pluripotent stem cell dye CDy1.

Cancer Cell Cycle Targeting

This example describes a novel strategy for targeting the cancer cell cycle by cold atmospheric plasma.

Mitotic Process Dysregulation

This example shows the dysregulation of the mitotic process in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Flow Cytometry & Biotinylation Proteomics

This example details the combining of flow cytometry with biotinylation proteomics.

Matrix–free Substrates for Mass Spectrometry

This example describes the use of laser-induced silicon microcolumn arrays as matrix-free substrates for soft laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry.