Faculty Workshops

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development offers the following workshops for department meetings, grand rounds or retreats:

  • Teaching on the Fly

Teaching strategies that promote powerful case-based learning experiences when time is limited

  • Shaping Learning on Your Service or Shift

Teaching strategies to enhance learning across the entire service/shift and in between

  • Feedback that Sticks

Techniques for giving feedback and helping those receiving it

  • Encouraging & Assessing Reflection

Strategies for motivating, developing and assessing reflection

  • Promoting Learning in Small Groups

Techniques for effectively facilitating and maximizing learning in small groups

  • Teaching and Working Across the Generations

Strategies for teaching and working with and across different generations

  • Designing Effective Didactics

Instructional design strategies to maximize learning and retention of lectures and small group sessions

  • Effective Mentoring

​Strategies for cultivating an effective mentor-mentee relationship

  • Helping the Learner Having Difficulty

Strategies for identifying learning issues and counseling learners having difficulty

To schedule a workshop, please contact Dr. Ellen Goldman (egoldman@gwu.edu or 202-994-4004). 


Technology Workshops

Educational Technology workshops are also available or department meetings, grand rounds or retreats.  Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • PollEverywhere (Audience quizzing and polling)
  • Doceri (Drawing on Slides from your iPad while Presenting)
  • Web Conferencing Tools (Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx)
  • Recording and Editing Online Modules

To schedule a technology workshop, please contact Tracy Thompson (MD Programs) or Laurie Lyons (SMHS - PA, PT, CRL).