Annual Cherry Blossom Neuromodulation Symposium

About the Symposium

Neuromodulation is an emerging intervention in epilepsy and is extremely promising. So far, only the Vagal Nerve Stimulator and the responsive neurostimulator have been approved by the FDA for treatment of intractable seizures. However, a number of trials have assessed the efficacy and tolerability of other neuromodulatory interventions, including anterior thalamic nucleus stimulation and the trigeminal nerve stimulation. Most neurologists, epileptologists, and primary care physicians will benefit from deepening their knowledge about these therapies. During the symposium, clinicians and researchers who are experts in the field of neuromodulation will lecture on recent advances and latest findings on an array of topics related to neuromodulation. The target audience will consist of residents and fellows, neurologists, epileptologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, biomedical engineers, pediatricians, nurses and nurse practitioners.


The 2015 Epilepsy Center Symposium gratefully acknowledges Cyberonics and NeuroPace for providing an unrestricted educational grant to support this activity.

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