Michel Armatte: Economics as Engineering

Michel Armatte

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 09:30 to 11:001322 Rolfe Hall - UCLA

May 7, 2015

Economic engineers pursue a wide range of objectives: evaluation of policies, forecasting, prospective, activity regulation, management, optimization, simulation scenarios, legislation, prescription, negotiation… Economics has become a tool-based discipline. To account for this extremely wide range of uses of Economics, Michel Armatte uses a hybrid approach in taking into account cognitive and social dimension of science. He passes the frontiers of the academic discipline and take accounts of others sciences. He studies science in action. 

Michel Armatte is holds a MS from the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Paris and a PhD in History from EHESS in Paris. He has extensively published on the history of probabilities, statistics and economics. He was the dean of the Department of Economics at Université Paris Dauphine (1995-2000) and is now a member of the Koyré Laboratory in Sciences History at EHESS. His last book is La science économique comme ingénierie. Quantification et Modélisation.