Applying to Residency: Information Item #6- The Matches!!

4th Year Advising Tip - June 3, 2014
June 3, 2014

Dear class,

As mentioned in the prior message about ERAS, you must separately register for one or more of the following MATCHING PROGRAMS.

National Residency Matching Program (NRMP):

The NRMP handles most matches for all categorical, advanced, and preliminary positions except for those outlined below. ALL of you will have to register for the NRMP if you are applying to any residency programs this year in ANY specialty---here's why:

1) most of you will be applying to NRMP matching specialties
2) military scholarship students MUST apply to the NRMP in the event that you want to seek deferment from the military match, or if the military defers you against your wishes.  if your primary plan is to match in the military, you can 'gamble' that this will happen and hold off on applying to the NRMP until after the military match (mid-december).  however, if you subsequently have to register for the NRMP, you will be charged a 'late' fee that applies to registrations dated after december 1st.
3) ophthalmology applicants- you will need to match via the NRMP for your preliminary position.
4) urology applicants- you will need to match to your preliminary general surgery position through the NRMP once you have matched to your urology position through the urology match.  this is a 'formality' but you still have to do it.

To register for the NRMP, go to:

Ophthalmology Match (the san francisco match):

The SFmatch handles both applications and matching to ophthalmology programs.  you will apply via the Central Application Service (CAS) and match in the SFmatch.  remember, you will also have to use ERAS and the NRMP for your preliminary positions.

To register for the ophthalmology (SFmatch) go to:

Urology Match (AUA Match):

The AUA matching program handles matching to urology residency programs.  AUA uses ERAS for residency applications and NRMP to match to your mandatory preliminary surgery training.  when you match to a urology program, they will automatically rank you to match to the linked general surgery training at the same institution which is accomplished through the NRMP match.  don't ask me why they do it this way, but it is what it is.

To register for the urology match go to:

Finally, for you folks from the frozen north considering a return for residency training, there is the Canadian Match:

To register for the canadian match go to: 

Thus endeth the discussion of matching programs.  we will provide a lot more information about the whole match algorithm and how to put together your match lists later in the fall and winter.  for now, just read all the match participation agreements thoroughly so that you understand both your rights and applicable restrictions.

Your advisory deans,  haywood, norris, and schroth

W. Scott Schroth, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Administration
phone: 202-994-2202 (dean's office only)
phone: 202-741-2222 (clinical office only)
fax: 202-994-0926