Applying to Residency: Information Item #4-- the MSPE

4th Year Advising Tip - May 21, 2014
June 19, 2014

Dear class,

This is another in our series of important updates about applying to residency programs.  we will discuss the MSPE (medical student performance evaluation).

As its name implies, the MSPE is a letter of evaluation, NOT recommendation.  this means that it is an objective description of your academic and verifiable extracurricular work at GW SMHS. we will include some basic verifiable information about your pre-medical school education and activities (jobs, other degrees, research, service, etc.), but the MSPE will primarily cover what you've done at med school. when we say verifiable, we mean things that can be 'proven' in one way or another (for instance, if you were president of an interest group, or participated in HEALing clinic, or received a research fellowship or award of some sort, and so forth.).

We do like to personalize the letter as much as possible, and we will ask you for personal stories or anecdotes for the letter.  this is totally optional and we will only include such information if we think it makes sense and with your approval.  shortly, we will provide you with a link to a special on-line form that you will complete to assist us in preparing your letter.

The bulk of the MSPE is comprised of the final verbatim descriptions of all your academic evaluations from POM 1 and 2 (DPS, PCL, CAP) and all third and fourth year clerkships for which we have final evaluations by mid-september (sometimes late september if we can). 

Very important:  your advisory dean (haywood, norris, or schroth) will prepare your MSPE.  if for some reason you do NOT want your advisory dean to prepare the letter, you can request one of the other deans to prepare the letter. if you make such a request, you do not have to explain why, just tell laquita beale and she will reassign the letter to one of the other deans and let you know who that is.

Once the final draft of your letter is ready (usually around mid-september) we will allow you to review it for content and accuracy.  you may suggest edits and correct errors, but the FINAL content of the letter is controlled by the school.  also, all MSPE's in the entire country are released on October 1st.  this is an absolute rule for all military, early, and NRMP participating programs.  do NOT ask us to send your letter earlier--we cannot do so.

See the attached redacted MSPE for full details of the content of the letter and the various appendices.

Your advisory deans, drs. haywood, norris, and schroth

W. Scott Schroth, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Administration
phone: 202-994-2202 (dean's office only)
phone: 202-741-2222 (clinical office only)
fax: 202-994-0926


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