Applying to Residency Programs # (we lost track, there have been a lot of these): Interview Prep!!

4th Year Advising Tip - September 26, 2014
September 26, 2014

Dear Class,

Phew!!! ERAS is out the door despite the minor hiccup on the first day. Trust me, if you were not one of the very few applicants that were able to get stuff out the door last monday, it will NOT affect your application status in any way. I know this for a fact because I sit on the national ERAS advisory committee and we met this past tuesday to review the whole situation. Everything is now functioning fine and programs are having no trouble with your applications.  

However, if for some reason you STILL have not sent your ERAS application to programs, you are flirting with disaster, toying with fate, tugging on superman's cape, or any other dire cliche you want to use!!!! If you are holding up your application for some reason, you'd best talk to your advisory dean ASAP, because we can't think of any good reason for you to do this.

Now, to the main subject of this message: preparing for your interviews.

If you have read the information in the program director's survey on the NRMP website, you have discovered that your performance during your residency interview is one of the top 3-5 factors considered by programs in ranking applicants, regardless of specialty. so, no matter how good you think you are at interviewing, you'd better practice.  here are some suggested resources:

1) MOCK INTERVIEWS- in many cases, your specialty advisors may be willing to help you practice your interview.  in addition, deans haywood, norris, or schroth are also available for mock interview practice.  if you want to practice with one of us call or email yvonne rhodes (994-2987 or for norris or haywood) or lisa prince (994-2202, for schroth). we generally advise you to interview with one of the dean's that you DON'T know as well, just to better simulate the feeling of talking about yourself with a 'stranger'. some of these interviews will be held in the CLASS center so that we can video record it for your future reference.  we'll let you know in advance if we are meeting in the CLASS center or dean's office.

2) Careers in Medicine website:  this website has many useful resources related to interviewing. 

3) Interview Stream- this software is available through the university's career center. It allows you to program a series of questions and then videotape yourself (via your tablet, laptop or desktop) answering the questions. Then you can watch yourself!!

4) Finally,we have attached some interviewing tips and a list of 'common' questions (and some not so common!!). The list was compiled from several sources, including information from prior GW classes after their interview experiences. 

Your favorite advisory deans, drs. h, n, and s.