Wellness Week

Emergency Medicine Wellness Week March 11-17, 2018

Join your colleagues for Wellness Week 2018, March 11-17. There is a theme for each day according to the seven spokes of the Wellness Wheel

  • Sunday - Occupational
  • Monday - Emotional
  • Tuesday - Physical 
  • Wednesday - Financial
  • Thursday - Spiritual
  • Friday - Social
  • Saturday - Intellectual

The hashtag is #iEMWell18

ACEP WW18 website: https://www.acep.org/EMWellnessWeek/

ACEP Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ACEPFan/

ACEP Twitter page: https://twitter.com/acepnow

Be daring and accept the Wellness "daily challenge!" Post your response to the prompts on the ACEP Facebook page every day of wellness week. There will be a random drawing for small prizes each day from the responses.

  • Sunday (Occupational): Tell us about one person who supported you or made your job more rewarding within the past week.
  • Monday (Emotional): Post a picture of your favorite “source” for enhancing resilience.
  • Tuesday (Physical): Post a picture of your water bottle at work, or of today's protein source (this could be tofu, a burger, or your pet chicken).
  • Wednesday (Financial): In 1-2 sentences, share with us the best financial advice you have either received or given out. 
  • Thursday (Spiritual): Hand-write a thank-you card, bring someone flowers, lunch or a snack, do something selfless for someone whom you are truly grateful.  Be sure to post a picture or tell us how it went 
  • Friday (Social): Make a date to spend some time (lunch, show, vacation, favorite activity) with someone you’ve been thinking about, tell us the who, what, and when that made it onto your schedule.
  • Saturday (Intellectual): Share one thing you learned from a colleague/friend/spouse/child (work or non-work related).