Our Team

Clinical Research

The clinical research program employs clinical research associates who work in the emergency department (ED) seven days a week during busy shift hours (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) screening, enrolling, and collecting data for all clinical research projects being conducted. The clinical research program also gives college students who are interested in gaining experience in clinical research and medicine/public health the opportunity to complete a semester rotation in the ED as part of a course offered at the university.

Section Head

Melissa McCarthy, Sc.D.
Andrew Meltzer, M.D.,

Principal Investigators

Janice Blanchard, M.D., Health Policy Research  
Keith Boniface, M.D., Ultrasonography Research
Kathleen Ogle, M.D., Ultrasonography Research
Raymond Lucas, M.D., Educational Research
Rita Manfredi, M.D., Pain Research
Melissa McCarthy, Sc.D., Quality Improvement Research
Andrew Meltzer, M.D., Gastrointestinal Research
Neal Sikka, M.D., Informational Technology Research

Clinical Research Fellow

Marcee Wilder, M.D., M.P.H.

Clinical Research Supervisor

Paige Kulie, M.P.H.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Nataly Montano

Research Associates

A combination of medical students, public health students, and undergraduates from various institutions.

Contact info: All general and application related inquires contact: Paige Kulie, pkulie@mfa.gwu.edu or 202-741-2955

research associates meeting