GW Research Days

GW Research Days are April 9th and 10th this year; health and medicine focus is on Day 2. Presentations will be in the Marvin Center, 3rd Floor, Grand and Continental Ballrooms.

There will be submissions by Emergency Medicine Students, Residents, Fellows, and Faculty. Poster presentations and judging takes place from 12:30 to 3:00pm. Click here for the full schedule and more information

This year's Emergency Medicine Posters:

Counting Angels on the Head of a Pin—a New In Vitro Model for the Study of Biofilm Formation on Urinary Catheters

John Lafleur; Ian Toma; Ben Lam; Tim McCaffrey


Time to Switch to Bivalirudin for Routine Anticoagulation on ECMO

Farzad Najam; Elizabeth Pocock; Peter Munoz; Katherine Farrar; Danielle Hinchey; Hyun Lee; Eduard Shaykhinurov; David Yamane


Safe Use of Immediate Release Nifedipine to Wean Off Nicardipine Infusion in the ICU

Omar Siddiqui; David Yamane; Danielle Davison; Pradip Ramamurti; Melesilika Fanau; Christopher Junker


Skin Alcohol Sensor in the ER

Kyle Henn; Baichen Li


Pulse Check Improvement through Video Analysis and Feedback

Carolyn Lanam; Natalie Sullivan; David Yamane; Andrew Spears; Evan Kuhl; Jennifer Rabjohns; Patrick McCarville; Anahita Rahimi-Saber; Christopher Payette


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Management of Acute Pain in US Emergency Departments: Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review

Paulyne Lee; Maxine Le Saux; Rebecca Siegel; Monika K. Goyal; Chen Chen; Yan Ma; Andrew Meltzer


Cause of Death and Wounding Pattern in Firearm-Related Violence in Washington, D.C.

Mary Matecki; Cheralyn Hendrix; Sam Maghami; Karthika Mahendran; Roger Mitchell; Francisco Diaz; Jordan Estroff; E. Reed Smith; Geoff Shapiro; Babak Sarani


Opioid Utilization for Shoulder Dislocations in Emergency Department

Jessica Morgenstern; Kevin Lombardi; Dave Milzman; Ali Pourmand


Interosseous vs. Intravenous Access is Associated with Survival in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Jennifer Rabjohns; Anahita Rahimi-Saber; Andrew D. Sparks; David Yamane


The Safety of Hemoconcentration During ECMO

Samir Sethi; Rachel Glass; Caroline Jensen; Peter Munoz; Bruno Sambuco; David Yamane


The Accuracy of Video Capsule Endoscopy to Detect Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage in the Emergency Department: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Nidhi Shah; Chen Chen; Maxine LeSaux; Rebecca Siegel; Yan Ma; Andrew C. Meltzer


Evaluation of a Virtual Reality Intervention on Fatigue, Alertness, Stress among Emergency Medicine Residents

Koumudi Thirunagaru; Andie Marczewski; Saeid Amini; Ali Pourmand; Neal Sikka


Orthopaedic Injuries Related to the Segway® Personal Transporter™

Jeffrey H. Weinreb; Jason Kappa; Daniel Gerscovich; Keith Boniface; James N. DeBritz


Implementing Medication Assisted Treatment in Harm Reduction Organizations: A Review of Current Literature and Recommendations

Tulha Siddiqi; Natalie Kirilichin


Motivational Interviewing to Treat Substance Abuse Disorders in the Emergency Department: A Scoping Review

Natalie Sullivan; Andrew Meltzer


Adult CPR Video Review Improves Resident Knowledge

Jennifer Rabjohns; Anahita Rahimi-Saber; Evan Kuhl; C. Robin Lanam; Natalie Sullivan; Patrick McCarville; Christopher Payette; Andrew Sparks; David Yamane


What Resources Do Indian Emergency Medicine Providers Access in the Treatment of Acute Toxic Ingestions?

Katherine Douglass; Michelle Feltes; Janice Blanchard; Jung Yeon Kim; Amelia Pousson


Improving Use of Ultrasound in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to Minimize Duration of Pulse Checks

Christopher Payette; Patrick McCarville; Andrew Sparks; Aaran Drake; David Yamane


Ketamine Sedation for Acute Agitation in an Emergency Setting

Natalie Sullivan; Andrew Meltzer; Rebecca Seigel; Ma Yan


Connect ER: A Technology Enhanced Post-ED Follow-Up Program

Charles Hartley; Neal Sikka


Attitudes Toward Electronic Sexual Health Assessments Among Adolescents in the Emergency Department

Steven Langerman; Gia Badolato; Monika Goyal


Novel In-vitro Model for Assessment of Biofilm Formation by Uropathogens

Benjamin Wei; Lam Sam Johnson; Kristina Ivanova; Tzanko Tsanov; John E. Lafleur


Pediatric Prescription Fill Rate for Bacterial Infections after Discharge from the Pediatric Emergency Department

Annabelle Croskey; Gia M. Badolato; Monica K. Goyal; Kristen Breslin; Deena A. Berkowitz


Reporting Persons With Mental Health Issues: Prospective Study on Gun Control Innovation

Tiffany Goncalves; Aidan Neustadtl; Ali Pourmand; Alan Neustadtl; Dave Milzman


The Need for Public Awareness in the Washington D.C. Community for Witnessed Cardiac Arrest

Patrick McCarville; Christopher Payette; Andrew D. Sparks; David Yamane


PsychED: Improving Psychiatric Care in the ED

Mindy Park; Ian Johnson; Kelly King; Sara Teichholz; Jessica Morgenstern; Han Yue; Scott Spangler; Danya Anouti; Vanessa Torres-Llenza


Utilization of Video Review Improves Resident Education and Patient Care in Cardiac Arrest

Evan Kuhl; David Yamane; Anahita Rahimi-Saber; Chris Payette; Jennifer Rabjohns; Natalie Sullivan; Patrick McCarville; Robin Lanam


Implications of Using a Risk-Stratification Score on Chest Pain Admissions

Mohammad Shirazi; Evan Kuhl; Taher Tayeb; Shant Ayanian


Resident Physician Response to New Research Measured by Utilization of Balanced Crystalloid vs. Normal Saline

Leah Steckler; Ivy Benjenk; David Yamane


High Number of Negative Radiographs for Suspected Tibial Shaft Fracture Adds Expense and Increases Patient Throughput Time in the Emergency Department

Safa Fassihi; Alexandra Bingnear; Catherine Gannon; Shomik Sarkar; James DeBritz


The Development of an Emergency Medicine Residency in Kigali, Rwanda

Taylor Wahrenbrock; Allen Webb; Gabin Mbanjumucyo; Shama Patel; Vinay Sharma