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Recent Faculty Presentations

CORD EM 2017

Best Practice Sessions:

  • Altruism and Social Mission in Resident Education. Jack Perkins; Diane Rimple; Sonal Batra

Chief Resident Symposium:

  • Conflict Negotiation. Michael Epter; Rory Merritt
IAS 2017

Poster Exhibition:

  • Association between a Novel Telehealth Intervention and Utilization of HIV Services among Transgender Women of Color in Washington, DC, U.S.A. M. Magnus, E. Edwards, A. Dright, L. Gilliam, A. Brown, V. Criss, M. Levy, Neal Sikka, M. Siegel, E. Machtinger, C.C. Watson, I. Kuo

  • Building a Telehealth Intervention to Facilitate Engagement in HIV and Related Health Services by Transgender Women of Color in Washington, DC, U.S.A. M. Magnus, E. Edwards, A. Dright, L. Gilliam, A. Brown, V. Criss, M. Levy, Neal Sikka, M. Siegel, E. Machtinger, C.C. Watson, I. Kuo

Past Presentations

ACEP 2016


SAEM 2016

Lightning Oral Abstracts:

  • Recent Trends in Emergency Department Visits for Abdominal Pain - Younger Patients, More Repeat Visits, More Severe Pain. Andrew Meltzer
  • Emergency Department Ultrasound Diagnosis of Bowel Obstruction. Stas' Haciski
  • Emergency Department Ultrasound Diagnosis of Small Bowel Obstruction. Stas' Haciski

Oral Abstracts:

  • The Diagnostic Utility of Carotid Flow Time Before and After Passive Leg Raise in Identifying Volume Status. Murteza Shahkolahi
  • Trends in CT Utilization for Emergency Department Patients with Abdominal Pain. Andrew Meltzer
SAEM 2015

Senior Faculty Leadership Forum:

  • The Dynamic ED: Working with and Controlling for Ever Changing Health Policies. Jesse Pines

Ignite! SAEM:

  • Cutting Edge Tech for Emergency Abdominal Pain. Andrew Meltzer

Didactic Presentations:

  • ED Operations Research: An Agenda for Impactful Research to Support Quality Patient Care Delivery. Maya Yiadom, William Baker, James Augustine, Jesse Pines, James Schuelen
  • Early Care of Patients with Septic Shock: Current Data, Implications, and Future Research. Donald Yealy, Alan Jones, Jesse Pines
  • Utilizing Medicare Data in Emergency Medicine Research. Maura Kennedy, Jesse Pines, Beth Vernig
  • Crossfire: Quality Measures and Residency Education. Jeremiah Schuur, Jesse Pines

Oral Abstracts:

  • Rethinking Pain Assessment in the Emergency Department. Rita Manfredi
  • Exploratory Study of a Test-and-Treat Strategy for Helicobacter Pylori Infection in an Emergency Department Setting. Andrew Meltzer
  • Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation Success Rate Varies Significantly by Treatment Method and Difficulty of Access. Hamid Shokoohi


  • Serial Users Do Not Explain Emergency Department Surge in Psychiatric Complaints. Andrew Meltzer
  • ED Super Users: A Comprehensive Approach to Frequent Fliers. Elizabeth Phillips
  • Emergency Medicine Clerkship Can Impact Emergent CT-Scan Reading Learning Curve among Medical Students. Ali Pourmand
  • The Effect of Self-Reported Limited English Proficiency on Patient Care and Satisfaction in the Emergency Department. Paige Armstrong
  • Antibiotic Stewardship: Emergency Medicine Physician Knowledge and Attitudes on Antibiotic Therapy. Paige Armstrong
  • Reducing Urine Sample Contamination Through the Use of a Patient-Driven Electronic Application. Paige Kulie
ACEP 2015
  • Rethinking Upper GI Bleeding Management: An Evidence-Based Clinical Pathway for Improving Safety and Reducing Admissions. Eddy S. Lang, Jesse Pines, Sander van Zanten, Peter C. Wyer
SAEM 2014

Didactic Presentations:

  • DS019: Innovations for Preventing Hospital Admissions and Readmissions. Marian Betz, Mary Tanski, Jesse Pines
  • Building from Experience: Creating Sustainable Bridges between Emergency Medicine Researchers and Invested Public Health Agencies. Larissa May Richard Rothman, Gregory Moran, Deb Houry, David Marcozzi, David Sugerman


  • 3 Evacuations from Ships at Sea: a Review of Cases from a Telemedical Advice Service. Sarah Almarhoon
  • Automated Outcome Classification of CT Imaging Reports for Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury. Kabir Yadav
  • Designing Real-time Decision Support for Trauma Resuscitations. Kabir Yadav
  • The Effect of Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation on Physicians’ Utilization of CT Imaging in the Emergency Department. Jameel Abualenain
  • Should the D-dimer Cut-off Level Be Increased in ED Patients with Suspected Pulmonary Embolism? Thaison P. Tran
  • Reliability and Utility of Point-of-Care Creatinine in the Emergency Department: Can it Decrease Emergency Department Length of Stay? Simran Vahali

Innovations Exhibits:

  • An Innovative Approach to Simulating Emergent Genitourinary Procedures. Sonal Batra, Nicholas Greek, Claudia Ranniger, Colleen Roche
  • Utilizing Protected Education Conference Time For Teaching And Milestone Evaluation. Paul Jhun, Jan Shoenberger, Taku Taira, Guenevere Burke, Daniel Cheng, Jonathan Wagner, Jessica Osterman, Stuart Swadron, Aaron Bright, Mel Herbert
ACEP 2014
  • National Emergency Care and Emergency Care-Directed Costs in the United States. Jessica Galarraga, Jesse Pines
  • Comparing Standard vs. Video-Based Teaching for Ultrasound-Guided Internal Jugular Central Venous Catheter Access for 4th Year Medical Students. Jameel Abualenain, Kathleen Calabrese, Ryan Tansek, Claudia Ranniger
  • Emergency Medicine Residents’ Perceptions of Diagnostic Testing and Shared Decision-Making. Fareen Zaver, Leana S Wen
  • A Survey of Factors Influencing Physician Migration Among Emergency Medicine Trainees in India. Aislinn Black, Amelia Pousson, Shweta Gidwani, Jeffrey Smith, Katherine Douglass
  • Predicting Difficult Peripheral Intravenous Access in Adult Emergency Department Patients. Hamid Shokoohi, Keith Boniface, Simran Vahali, Russell Eggleton, Rahil Ashraf, Ru Ding, Melissa McCarthy
  • Time to Paralysis After Intramuscular Injection of Neuromuscular Blocking Agents: A Review of the Literature. I Shaw, NS Trueger, M Pirotte.
ACEP 2013

Poster Abstracts:


  • "Golden Care for Quality of Life" Presented by: Aisha Liferidge, Elizabeth Phillips
ID Week (October 2-6, San Francisco, CA)

Poster Abstracts:

SAEM Annual Meeting (May 2013, Atlanta)

Lightening Oral Abstracts:

Oral Abstracts:

Evidence Based Diagnostics: Meta-Analysis of the Accuracy of Physical Exam and Imaging for Adult Scaphoid Fractures;  Researchers: Ali S. Raja, Jesse M. Pines, Jeremiah D. Schuur, Meaghan Muir, Ryan P. Calfee, Christopher R. Carpenter

Mode of Hospital Arrival in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Ethnic and Language Differences in an Urban STEMI Receiving Center ; Researchers: Tasneem Bholat, Stephanie Y. Donald, Robert S. Lee, Rishi Kaushal, Katrine Zhiroff, Quang T. Bui, James T. Niemann, William J. French, Joseph L. Thomas

Are There Disparities in the Quality of Acute Pain Care for Geriatric Patients in the ED? ; Researchers: Laura Belland, Daniel Handel, Kabir Yadav, Kennon Heard, Laura Rivera, Amanda Eisenberg, Matthew Noble, Sudha Mekala, Morgan Valley, Ula Hwang

The Impact of Crowding Upon Implementation of Early Goal Directed Therapy in the Emergency Department. ; Researchers: David F. Gaieski, Anish K. Agarwal, Jesse Pines, Munish Goyal, Frances Shofer

Automated Outcome Classification of Emergency Department CT Imaging Reports ; Researchers: Kabir Yadav, Efsun Sarioglu, Meaghan Smith, Hyeong-Ah Choi

Innovations Presentations:

EMIG: A Student-Driven Integrative Curriculum Approach to Simulation ; Researcher: Annette Dorfman

An Innovative Approach to Simulating the Repair of an Injured Nailbed ; Researchers: Tara Martin, Nicholas Greek, Claudia Ranniger

TeachingHealth Policy: Developing a Portable E-learning Tool for Medical Student Education ; Researchers: Stephanie Y. Donald, Nathan Seth Trueger, Aisha Liferidge, Joneigh Khaldun, Malika Fair, Steven Davis, Janice Blanchard

Poster Abstracts:

A Novel First Aid Curriculum Improves First Aid Knowledge in Laypersons in Rural Nicaragua ; Researchers: Breena R. Taira, Aislinn D. Black, Michael Cipoletti, Edward Stapleton, Alexander Ortiz, Juana Julia Salmeron, Luis Blanco

Emergency Department Resident Physicians’ Comfort Levels With Diagnosing and Treating Depression ; Researchers: Elizabeth Yetter, Benjamin Bregman, Rasha Buhumaid, Janice Blanchard

The Validity Of Self-Reported Primary Adherence Among Medicaid Patients Discharged From The Emergency Department With A Prescription Medication ; Researchers: Ru Ding, Scott L. Zeger, Donald M. Stainwachs, Melinda J. Ortmann, Melissa L. McCarthy

The Impact of Interventions to Reduce Length of Stay in The Emergency Department: A Systematic Review ; Researchers: Jameel Abualenain, Irit Rasooly, Paul Levett, Taibah Alabdranalnabi, Jesse Pines

Comparison Of Mortality, Charges, and Procedure Use Among Injured Adults At Hospitals And Trauma Centers In California ; Researchers: Mark Zocchi, Jesse Pines

The Influence Of Insurance Status On The Decision To Transfer Or Admit Patients Presenting With Orthopedic Injuries ; Researchers: Dana Kindermann, Ryan Mutter, Jesse Pines

The Rapid Rise In Opioid Prescribing In U.s. Emergency Departments: A Cause For Concern ; Researchers: Maryann Mazer, Peter Mullins, John van den Anker, Jesse Pines

Frequency of Teratogenic Drug Administration without Pregnancy Testing Among Adolescent Emergency Department Patients ; Researchers: Monika Goyal, Katie Hayes, Adam Hersh, Xianqun Luan, Maria Trent, James Chamberlain

How Does Performing Bedside Ultrasound Impact Utilization Of Ct Scans In Critically Ill Patients With Undifferentiated Hypotension? ; Researchers: Hamid Shokoohi, Keith Boniface, Ali Pourmand, Yiju Teresa Liu, Melissa McCarthy, Kabir Yadav, Rasha Buhumaid, Mohammad Salimian

Demographic and Treatment Patterns for Infections in Ambulatory Settings in the United States, 2009. ; Researchers: Larissa May, Peter M. Mullins, Jesse M. Pines