Three new articles in Innovative Practice and Ultrasound

March 27, 2018

Dr. Ali PourmandDr. Neal SikkaIn the first article Dr. Sikka and Dr. Pourmand counduct a review of literature on the "Targeted Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) in Telemedicine." They conducted a comprehensive review of the English language literature via the PubMed and Google Scholar databases using search terms “unmanned aerial vehicles,” “UAVs,” and “drone.” Preference was given to clinical trials and review articles that addressed the keywords and clinical medicine. 

Dr. Aaran DrakeDr. Hamid Shokoohi

The second article Drs. Pourmand, Shokoohi, and Drake reviewed the sensitivity and specificity of point of care ultrasound examinations performed by emergency physicians in patients with suspected SBO.

Dr. Keith Boniface

Lastly, Dr. Boniface and Dr. Shokoohi conducted a prospective cohort trial in healthy subjects to evaluate the performance of an encapsulated guidewire designed for single-handed use with ultrasound-guided vascular access (SonoStik) with Seldinger technique, as compared with conventional intravenous catheters placed under ultrasound guidance. Other contributing authors included: Innovative Practive project manager, Kai Neander; research coordinator, Maxine LeSaux; Dr. Amit Patel, a pediatric EM US fellow; Dr. Sohaib Mandoorah, a research fellow '17. The SonoStik was invented by Dr. Adam Corman RES '13 and Dr. Neal Sikka.