Dr. Zaver RES'16 & Dr. Denq (PGY4) co-author recent article on Identifying Gaps and Launching Resident Wellness Initiatives

February 26, 2018

Dr. Fareen Zaver RES'16Dr. William DenqThe article outlines the work of the Wellness Think Tank, an online, resident community consisting of 142 residents from 100 EM residencies in North America and, a 15-person subgroup (13 residents, two faculty facilitators) that met at the 2017 Resident Wellness Consensus Summit (RWCS) to develop a public, central repository of initiatives for programs, as well as tools to assist programs in identifying gaps in their overarching wellness programs.  The results of which can be found in a centralized, searchable, online database open to the public along with a contributor form for future submissions on ALiEM's website.