Dr. Pourmand has two articles published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine

March 8, 2017

Dr. Ali PourmandDr. Steven DavisDr. Hamid ShokoohiWith Dr. Steven Davis and Dr. Hamid Shokoohi, the first article is an evidence based review of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS).

Offering the benefits of portability, availability, speed and cost, POCUS has become the diagnostic standard of care in rapid assessment in trauma and critical care. POCUS has also become a critical adjunct to vascular access, regional anesthesia, and procedural guidance, and is selected increasingly the diagnostic modality of choice in a broad range of conditions from pleural disease to retinal detachment.

Dr. Reem AlhawasDr. Robert ShesserIn the second article, co-authors include Dr. Reem Alhawas (PGY4) and Dr. Robert Shesser. It is a review of eleven studies using low dose ketamine (LDK) either alone or in combination with opioid analgesics in the ED.

Ketamine was shown to be efficacious at treating a variety of painful conditions. It has a favorable adverse effect profile when given at sub-dissociative doses. Studies have also compared LDK to opioids in the ED. Although ketamine's analgesic effects were not shown to be superior, they were comparable to opioids. LDK has the benefit of causing less respiratory depression. It likely has less wide spread potential for abuse.