Krazy Kodachromes

Kodachrome Review is a time-honored centerpiece of residency education.  The guidance, insight and expertise transmitted as a clinical educator leads a resident through the description and differential diagnosis of a clinical image cannot be paralleled by any book or lecture. The GW Dermatology Residency Program hosts a quarterly session called, “Krazy Kodachromes,” where three faculty members give one hour kodachrome lectures to residents from GW and neighboring institutions.

In partnership with Sanova Works and Derm-in-Review, these lectures are streamed online on the Derm In-Review website.

Please visit the website to view our sessions.


Kent Handfield, MD, FAAD, Director, National Capital Consortium Dermatology Residency Program Chief of Integrative Dermatology WRNMMC with GW, WHC, Walter Reed, and Howard residents, fellows, and allied health professionals. 


GW, WHC, Walter Reed, and Howard residents dress up for the Krazy Kodachromes "Spooky Edition."