GW Hosts Hyperhidrosis Master Class

Physicians with patient
June 7, 2019

The GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences partnered with the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHhs) to offer a Hyperhidrosis Master Class in Patient Care and Practice Efficiency this May. The class, which consisted of reviewing diagnostic and clinical guidelines, treatment options, emerging developments, and pearls, was taught by IHhs founding members Dee Anna Glaser, MD and David Pariser, MD, and joined by faculty Adam Friedman, MD, Kelley Redbord, MD, and Zakiya Rice, MD.


Photos from the Master Class:

Adam Friedman, MD, lectures Hyperhidrosis Master Class attendees


Resident Elizabeth Robinson, MD, participates in an Iontophoresis Device demonstration.


GW Medical Student, Caterine McCullum participates in an Iontophoresis Device demonstration.


David Pariser, MD and Resident Elizabeth Robinson, MD demonstrate injections for the documentary crew.


Resident Angela Hou, MD, explains the injection clinic flow to the documentary crew.


Made possible thanks to the generosity of Hidrex USA, Dermira, and RA Fischer.