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April 20, 2022

Karl Saardi discusses blistering diseases that can be challenging to manage, new findings and emerging therapies are helping dermatologists improve their approach to care. 

Preview of article on titled, 'Dermatologists: Masks can lead to other skin conditions...'
May 14, 2021

Dermatologists say wearing masks can lead to two other skin conditions that can easily be mistaken for acne, similar to a rash.

And if it's treated like acne, with products to dry it out, it can actually make it worse.

Preview of article on 'Skin Conditions on the Vulva Can Impact Mental Health and Sexual'
May 14, 2021

We're talking about skin irritation that occurs in this highly intimate region, along with how it can affect one's ability to feel confident and comfortable in sexual scenarios.


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March 30, 2020

Dr. Adam Friedman's Public Service Announcement.

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March 30, 2020

Liz Hazuka's Public Service Announcement.