Dermatology Learning Corner

The GW SMHS Department of Dermatology aims to spread the wealth of knowledge and review materials available to, and many times created by our dedicated faculty and residents. This section includes resources available for residents, physicians, physician assistants, medical students, and all those interested in advancing dermatologic care.

This section includes various learning opportunities such as:


-Derm In Review Monthly Cases

- GW Inservice Scramble/Core Crushers

-Krazy Kodachromes

-Translational Science Lecture Series

-JDD Peer-To-Peer Case Studies


-Therapeutic Cheat Sheets 

-The GW Virtual Appraisal of Advances in Acne Virtual Conference

-The Dermatologist: Resident Resource Center 

-The Dermatologist: The Real Derm Podcast

These educational resources were made possible by the amazing faculty, residents, and staff of the GW dermatology department, as well as the sponsorship and partnership of various participants including Derm In Review,, The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, and SanovaWorks, among others.