In Memory of Dr. John Umhau, Sr.

single burning candle

A graduate of GW medical school and an active award winning alumnus, Dr. Umhau practiced in Chevy Chase, MD, gave numerous flight physicals to pilots, was active at Grace Lutheran Church in Washington, and served on the Board of Suburban Hospital for many years.  Probably his greatest legacy are his three sons who also became doctors.  His beloved wife Janet is a true philanthropist and book author.  Dr. Umhau died in 2008 but I hold such fond memories of him, one of which was the dying plant in his waiting room and when I called his attention to it, he replied, “I know; it’s hard to trust a doctor whose plants don’t even live.”  His sense of humor, his love of life, his insatiable curiosity, and his medical acumen are sorely missed.

- Leslie L. Megyeri, GW grad