Course Materials

Registered attendees have access to the following course materials until December 31, 2022:
  • Pre-course online materials – board prep question banks, primers and study guides, and online only lectures 
  • 5-day Livestream sessions – featuring faculty presentations, daily board review sessions, and faculty Q&A sessions.
  • Recorded lectures (available shortly after the close of the course)
  • Digital syllabus in PDF format (printed syllabus and USB drive are available for an additional cost.

Access to Course Materials

400 board prep questions
June 15
Primers and study guides on microbiology, antibacterial resistance, antiviral resistance, HIV resistance, antifungal resistance, and differential diagnosis of skin ulcers
June 15
Online downloadable syllabus (PDFs of the slides presented)
By August 11
Online-only lectures
By September 6
4.5-day Live Course
August 22 - August 26
Post Test
August 28
Online streaming files of the slides in color, timed to the audio recordings (not downloadable)
August 28*
Downloadable MP3 files of the audio recordings presented at the live course
September 6*
Answer keys for the questions presented in the lectures September 6*

*We will begin uploading these materials during the Live Course (August 21- August 25); however, we cannot guarantee that all files will be available until the above dates.