About ยป CEHP CME Mission Statement

CEHP CME Mission Statement


The mission of The GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences (SMHS) is to improve the health and well-being of its local, national and global communities by providing high quality, compassionate patient care, by educating health professionals with creativity and dedication and by fostering scientific discovery. This mission mandates significant contributions to the continuum of learning for health care professionals by the SMHS faculty. The Office of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (CEHP) assists in this regard through the development and implementation of educational activities that meet the needs of the physicians and other faculty who provide services within the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Milken Institute School of Public Health, the GW Hospital, and the Medical Faculty Associates.

The mission of CEHP is to improve knowledge, competence, performance and health outcomes using lifelong learning through continuing medical education that:

  • Identifies educational needs of physicians and other health care providers;
  • Advances comprehension and implementation of evidenced based concepts and skills to improve patient care;
  • Is linked to practice and focused on health care quality gaps;
  • Creates mechanisms to measure the impact of educational interventions on patient outcomes, provider knowledge, or technical skills;
  • Supports maintenance of certification and maintenance of licensure;
  • Fosters collaboration among health professionals to improve health outcomes;
  • Addresses interdisciplinary team practice; and
  • Is independent of commercial bias.

Content Areas:

CME activities are designed to support the SMHS missions in patient care, health promotion, education, and research and therefore span the spectrum of healthcare delivery including primary and specialty medical care, allied health professions, public health, health care administration as well as research within these disciplines. Collaboration across disciplines is fostered including interdisciplinary programs addressing topics such as nutrition and spirituality.

Target Audiences:

In concert with the SMHS mission, CEHP activities target a diverse audience of learners located locally, nationally and internationally. The audience is comprised primarily of generalist and specialist physicians. Increasingly, the nature of healthcare delivery has become interdisciplinary; therefore, CEHP physician oriented activities hold appeal for nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dieticians, pharmacists, and public health practitioners.

Type of Activities:

The SMHS administration and Office of CEHP strive to fulfill its purpose by developing and presenting education conferences, regularly scheduled sessions, symposia, board review courses, enduring materials, jointly-sponsored activities, and web- and other technology-based educational opportunities. Activities targeted to and driven by physician needs will be developed and implemented in compliance with the ACCME's Essential Areas and Elements, including the Standards for Commercial Support and Accreditation Policies.

Expected Results:

CEHP is expected to impact the professional knowledge attitude and skills of learners and to meet learners' global educational needs. We also expect that enhancements in competence, namely, knowledge, attitudes, and skills, will be applied to clinical practice.