Advanced Metrics Lab

"Translating better measurement into better outcomes"

Advanced Metrics aims to develop and refine outcome measures for healthcare, rehabilitation and community-based services. The focus of the lab is better health outcomes measurement and data visualization so providers and consumers can make better treatment decisions, together. Dr. Trudy Mallinson, the Director of Advanced Metrics, believes clinical assessments should look and operate like rulers, so they can used them that way: to measure a single dimension at a time and compare real differences, regardless of who is using the ruler or who they are measuring. This laboratory values collaboration and develops interdisciplinary relationships to advance the science of outcomes measurement.

Advanced Metrics Staff
Trudy MallinsonTrudy Mallinson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Clinical Research and Leadership
Director, Advanced Metrics Lab
Office Phone: 202-994-6833

Dr. Mallinson’s research interest is in developing precise, accurate outcome measures for rehabilitation. Her current research addresses a variety of rehabilitation measurement issues including the recovery of consciousness in patients with severe traumatic brain injury and attention and awareness following mild traumatic brain injury. She is also involved in a project to develop online training materials for assessors using functional performance assessments. View Faculty Profile >>


Jennifer Weaver, MA, OTR/L, CBIS
Research Associate, Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy Research
Office Phone: 202-994-8842

Ms. Weaver is interested in improving outcome measures for traumatic brain injury (TBI). She is currently working on a cross-disciplinary team investigating recovery of consciousness in severe TBI.

Current Projects

1. Development and testing of functional items for use in community-based long-term supports and services program with Barbara Gage, Ken Harwood, Joyce Maring, Laurie Lyons, Sharon Gaskin

  • This goal of this project is to develop, test, and validate standardized functional status items, including self-care and mobility for beneficiaries in Home and Community-based waiver programs. The project will involve field-testing items, developing online training for assessors, and reliability and validity analyses of the data.

2. Systematic review of tools for measuring neurobehavioral function in patients with severe TBI with Theresa Pape, Ann Guernon, Jen Weaver

  • This project involves two systematic reviews related to severe TBI. The first aims to map meaningful aspects of health for people in states of disordered consciousness following sTBI. The second aims to identify concepts of interest related to neurobehavioral function.

3. Measuring outcomes of spiritual health services in palliative care with Christina Puchalski

4. Redesigning the concept and measurement of minimally clinically important differences in patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury with Theresa Pape, Ann Guernon, Christina Papadamitriou, Jen Weaver, Elyse Walsh

  • The objective of this research proposal is to advance the science of measuring neurobehavioral and cognitive function in severe TBI. Clinically observed measures and performance-based measures can introduce noise/imprecision that must be addressed in order to accurately measure change in function as a result of novel interventions.

5. Graphic reporting of MATRICx measures for enhanced training with Guy Lotrecchiano and John Liu

  • The goal of this project is to evaluate the psychometric properties of the MATRICx with faculty, researchers, and students using contemporary methods. 

6. Designing online training to improve standardized observed performance assessments with Laurie Lyons and Paige McDonald

  • This project aims to develop standardized training for clinicians using assessments for patients in states of disordered consciousness. 

7. Visualizing data to improve shared decisionmaking in the Emergency Department with Andrew Meltzer and Lorna Richards

  • This project aims to understand how Emergency Department providers and patients make decisions about care, specifically when the decision is not clear.

Past Projects

1. Developing and Testing 96000 series CPT Codes with Ken Harwood and Barbara Gage

2. Psychometric Testing of the Disorders of Consciousness Scale with Dr. Theresa Pape and Ann Guernon

3. Psychometric Testing of the Motivation Assessment for Team Readiness, Integration, and Collaboration (MATRICx) with Guy Lotrecchiano and Lisa Schwartz

4. Accounting for rater severity/leniency in endpoint measures of recovery of consciousness with Theresa Pape and Ann Guernon

5. Validation of a revised scoring model for measuring function using the MDS with Jeremy Furniss

6. Rasch analysis of the Coma-Near Coma Scale with John Liu, Theresa Pape, and Ann Guernon

7. Identifying patterns of clinically meaningful recovery of neurobehavioral function with Theresa Pape and Ann Guernon