The GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences' GW Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy Research (GW-CHIPR) formerly known as Office for Clinical Practice Innovation (OCPI) serves as the organizational home for developing and evaluating clinical interventions to improve medical care. OCPI was established in June 2013 and after a successful three years, transformed to GW-CHIPR which was chartered in May 2016.  GW-CHIPR will have a broader scope, increasing the knowledge and understanding the complex relationship between structure, processes, and outcomes of health services as well as costs for individuals and populations.

GW-CHIPR is staffed by a cadre of highly successful, nationally-known faculty and staff who work to conduct health services and clinical research at GW and beyond using “big data” and prospective data collection, engages policymakers directly in the Washington DC policy community, engages our clinical and academic partners, namely GW Hospital, Universal Health Services (UHS), and Children’s National Medical Center, and leads a variety of educational offerings at GW.  

Mission & Objectives

The mission of the GW Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy Research (GW-CHIPR) is to:

Promote innovations in health services delivery and health policy through research, engagement of policymakers and clinicians, and to educate the next generation of leaders in this area.

The objectives of GW-CHIPR are to:

1. Develop, implement, evaluate, and disseminate innovative practice models, evaluation strategies, and policies in healthcare, with a focus on enhancing value through lower costs and improved quality.

2. Enhance GW’s abilities to engage in the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative practice models through educational programs.

Allergy & ImmunologyStaff & Faculty 

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GW-CHIPR is dedicated to promoting new health-related research initiatives, dissemination, and implementation of novel methods to organize and deliver medical care. These include research initiatives (i.e. testing and evaluating clinical delivery strategies to improve the quality and value of medical care), and clinical practice innovation (i.e. facilitating the development of new innovative practice models and products to improve care delivery).

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