Applying to Residency- Information Item #5- ERAS

4th Year Advising Tip - May 27, 2014
May 27, 2014

Dear class,

Before we address ERAS and applying to programs, we want to let you know a bit about changing your senior schedule.  by now, all of you should have met with your advisory dean to review your schedule and discuss your residency applications.  

  • remember, we would like one of your advisors to sign off on the attached assessment form so that we can be confident that your senior plans make sense to everyone involved in advising you through the process (please be sure to put your name on it). 
  • if you are on a wait list for a course, laquita beale will contact you when/if that course becomes available.  we won't change your schedule without your permission.
  • if you need to change your schedule you should contact laquita.  if you want to change something prior to june 13th, you only need to talk to laquita.  if you want to change something after june 13th (for fall semester courses) you will need to complete a drop-add form with the relevant faculty (only if the course(s) being added or dropped are GW courses).  form is on the school website.

Now, on to ERAS.  almost all of you will need to use ERAS either for your categorical or advanced residency position, or for preliminary/transitional PGY 1 programs.  if you did not get (or forgot to save) your ERAS 'token' when laquita sent these out last month, contact her.  

FIRST, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, ERAS IS NOT THE MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Is that enough exclamation points to get your attention???).  YOU MUST APPLY SEPARATELY TO THE NATIONAL RESIDENCY MATCHING PROGRAM (NRMP) OR THE OPHTHALMOLOGY OR UROLOGY MATCH PROGRAMS (more on these in a subsequent message).  

The ERAS users guide is the single most important document in the application process.  it answers all questions that you might have about ERAS (there is a shorter FAQ section on the ERAS website for some common questions that you might have).  laquita beale is also the 'queen' of ERAS, but she will get very cranky if you ask her simple questions that can be answered by the guide or in the FAQ section (remember dean haywood and the legendary 'guide to the fourth year'?-- don't go there with laquita and ERAS!!).  the attached ERAS worksheet (from the ERAS homepage) is a useful way to get started.

You should plan to have your ERAS application ready to go on or very close to the opening date of 9/15/14.  it never hurts to be first in line, and it can REALLY hurt you to apply late to programs. you do not have to have a 'complete' application on 9/15 in order to apply. most of you will NOT have all three of your letters of recommendation in by 9/15 and the MSPE will not go out till 10/1 for any of you.  however, you should be able to launch your application with your photo -- photo's should be sent via email in a jpg format to laquita, your transcript (we will load by 9/15 for you), and your core ERAS application.

If you have any questions about how to enter information into ERAS, particularly details of work or research experiences or publications, please contact your advisory dean. 

Drs. haywood, norris, and schroth

W. Scott Schroth, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Administration
phone: 202-994-2202 (dean's office only)
phone: 202-741-2222 (clinical office only)
fax: 202-994-0926