Pipette in petri dishTranslational research is a “bench-to-bedside and beyond” approach that calls upon researchers to develop their work with broader and more holistic worldviews, as opposed to narrower approaches that look at life-world problems through a single lens. Clinical and translational research is a new and evolving paradigm in the biomedical enterprise that attempts to improve patient and community health by accelerating basic science discoveries in the laboratory to their application in clinical practice. This perspective affects all healthcare professionals and their knowledge, skills and competencies.

A central tenet of clinical and translational research is its trans-disciplinary, or cross-disciplinary approach. Training in clinical and translational research equips professionals with enhanced research and leadership skills, and prepares them to work collaboratively with researchers, patients, leaders and anyone else interested in providing state-of-the-art health care. To learn more click here.


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GW Health Sciences offers three graduate-level programs in the field of Clinical and Translational Research.



We offer admission to GW and Children's National Health System faculty, as well as students outside the GW and Children's National Health System community.