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**This program has been redesigned and has begun accepting applications for Fall 2018. Click here for more information.**

The Clinical Management and Leadership programs have been preparing managers and leaders in health sciences disciplines for more than over a decade. In this era of rapid change and advancing technologies, The George Washington University is proud to offer our program online.

The programs provide an exciting and dynamic way for busy professionals to use their homes or offices as virtual classrooms to advance their knowledge, skills, and careers without ever setting foot on campus. All courses are based on online and offered in a flexible, asynchronous format to meet the needs of working professionals.

A Collaborative Education

"This was my first online course, and I was pleased with the effectiveness of online learning. In all of my undergrad and other graduate work, never have I had the opportunity to learn so much from others. The Discussion Board exchanges were enjoyable and enlightening, and seeing each team's work products was outstanding. Seeing how other teams approached the same topics and questions was fascinating. I would submit our work and think we did a good job, and then see the work of others and think of things we hadn't considered or think of ways we could have presented it better. I loved that, and look forward to more of that in the courses ahead!"
CML Student, Summer 2012

GW offers three options for our Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) programs the standard undergraduate degree and two dual degree programs. We also offer a Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS).

BSHS (Standard)

Students take courses focused on communication skills, leadership and group effectiveness, administrative functions, operations and information management, consumer needs, and the changing face of health care.

Whether your goal is career advancement, graduate study, enhanced performance in a current position, or simply to broaden knowledge and skills, the Clinical Management and Leadership program provides a unique opportunity for working health science professionals to earn a bachelor's degree.

BSHS (Dual Degrees)

The online dual degree programs provide students with the knowledge, abilities, and vision to move health sciences organizations effectively into the future. For professionals who need to complete a bachelor's program but are also thinking about graduate study, the online dual degree program is a perfect fit!

This multi-level dual degree program offers academically qualified individuals a seamless and accelerated pathway for completing both the online BSHS and the online MSHS. Dual degree students have the option of completing the MSHS in Clinical Management and Leadership or the MSHS in Health Care Quality.

Our dual degree program options include:

  • BSHS in Clinical Management and Leadership and MSHS in Clinical Management and Leadership
  • BSHS in Clinical Management and Leadership and MSHS in Health Care Quality


The MSHS in Clinical Management and Leadership prepares clinicians for leadership positions in all sectors of the health care delivery system. The program was developed to enhance the depth of knowledge in management and leadership skills of professionals from various clinical disciplines.

The online format provides a convenient option for self-disciplined and self-directed students to pursue a degree and prepare for professional advancement while continuing with their work and other commitments. All courses are based on online and offered in a flexible, asynchronous format to meet the needs of busy professionals.

Students take courses focused on leadership and change, human resource development, financial management, and marketing of clinical services. Graduates of the program will have the capacity and competence to be successful in mid- and upper-level management positions.


GW recognizes the importance of maintaining accreditation by appropriate academic and professional agencies and organizations. We believe that ongoing accreditation of the University, its schools, departments, and programs enhances our reputation as a center of academic excellence and as a trusted provider of educational and professional preparation. This is important to prospective and current students, as well as to our alumni.

The George Washington University is:

  • Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the regional accrediting agency
  • On the approved list of the American Association of University Women
  • Member of the College Board

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