About the Symposium

Saturday, November 11, 2017

8:00 AM - 2 PM


Following our triumphant meeting at the Salk Institute last year, we will be hosting this year’s annual meeting in Washington D.C. at the beautiful campus of George Washington University.

This year will feature a number of exciting talks from cutting-edge claustrum researchers throughout the world, who have made great strides at understanding the physiology of the inputs and outputs of claustro-cortical connections. We will also be hearing about a now famous study indicating that electrical stimulation of the claustrum in humans can induce a loss of consciousness, and that group’s new follow-up studies investigating claustrum stimulation in experimental animals. Finally, we will cap the meeting with a rousing panel discussion on the relationship between the claustrum and adjacent endopiriform nucleus.

This last topic spontaneously appeared as an issue of interest across multiple articles in the special issue of Journal of Comparative Neurology dedicated to the claustrum. The goal of this panel discussion will be to reevaluate whether these nuclei are completely separate structures (as they are considered now) or if they should be reconsidered to be subregions of continuous structure. In addition to these talks, we are looking forward to another vibrant poster session and other lively discussions with the members our growing Society. Hope to see you all there!



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