Clinical Teaching


The teaching and learning directly involving patients is core to health professions clinical training. These experiences will occur in diverse clinical settings across the continuum of healthcare. In addition, students can experience clinical care scenarios with standardized patients and simulation.


Below are teaching resources from other medical schools that may be useful in your own clinical teaching.


NYU Einstein

Teaching Assessment Tool - for Clinical Settings

This tool was developed to help instructors and observers to document their reflections in teaching situations in the clinical setting – on rounds, in the ambulatory setting, in the operating room, across a shift. Use of the tool can lead to suggestions for enhancing learner involvement; improving the rapport between the learners and the instructor; altering how teaching is organized, presented and conveyed; and modifying how feedback is provided.

The Teaching Assessment Tool is used as part of a Teaching Consult. For more information contact Ellen Goldman at

Elective Course Development

If you are interested in developing an elective course, please review this online module on the Elective Course Development Process

Key resources referenced in the module: