Spread the Word About the GATE

Looking to spread the word about the GATE to patients, caregivers, clinicians, health care providers or researchers? We've got you covered! Download any of the materials below and feel free to share with your colleagues and contacts.

Promoting the GATE Cancer Community of Practice Dissemination Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources to help stakeholders establish a social media strategy to promote the GATE Cancer Community of Practice, manage social media accounts, implement Facebook and Twitter best practices, disseminate GATE messaging and evaluate social media efforts. The toolkit contains pre-written Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn and Google+ messaging so you can help promote the GATE and get involved.

Download the GATE Social Media Toolkit


GATE Flyer & Postcard

Download this informational flyer or postcard to share about the GATE Cancer Community of Practice. The flyer contains basic information for researchers, health care providers and patients, survivors and caregivers to get involved, while the postcard has basic information about the GATE and different content available on the website. Looking to order hard copies of the flyer or postcards for an upcoming event? Email us at cancergate@gwu.edu today!


GATE Outreach Slides

Headed to a conference or have an opportunity to do a brief presentation about the GATE? Adapt these slides to spread the word and let others know how to get involved. Feel free to adapt messaging for your unique audience and/or time constraints. 

Download GATE Overview Slides

GATE Outreach Sign-Up Sheet

Attending an event or conference? Help us connect with researchers, clinicians and patients or caregivers by printing our handy sign-up sheet. Just scan and email to cancergate@gwu.edu after your event and we'll follow-up!

Download Outreach Sign-Up Sheet