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    Resource Type Category Subcategory Target Population

    Moving For Life DanceExercise for Cancer Recovery

    Practice-Based Insights Survivorship Quality of Life Adult

    A Collaborative Effort to Identify and Capture Return on Investment Metrics in Patient Navigation

    Practice-Based Insights Patient Navigation None

    A Complementary Partnership: The Case for Nurse Navigators and Patient Navigators Working Together in a Clinical Setting

    Practice-Based Insights Patient Navigation Barriers to Care Access, Care Coordination, Skills, Staff Adult

    A Dyadic Exercise Intervention to Reduce Psychological Distress Among Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Cancer Survivors

    Research Findings Survivorship Quality of Life, Self-Management Adult, LGBTQ

    A Novel Community-Based Study to Address Disparities in Hypertension and Colorectal Cancer: A Study Protocol for a Randomized Control Trial

    Research Findings Patient Navigation Barriers to Care Access Adult, Black or African American, Older Adult

    Adjuvant Therapy and Survivorship Care Plans

    Q&A Survivorship Survivorship Care Plans

    Advantages of Certification from the American College of Surgeons

    Q&A Patient Navigation, Survivorship Other

    Auto-Populating Hospital Cancer Registry Data into Survivorship Care Plans

    Practice-Based Insights Patient Navigation, Survivorship Barriers to Care Access, Care Coordination, Skills, Staff, Survivorship Care Plans, Survivorship Models, Timeliness to Care Rural

    Best Pivotal Visit for Distress Screening

    Q&A Survivorship Care Coordination

    Best Practices for CoC Standard for a Patient Navigation Process

    Q&A Survivorship Survivorship Care Plans