Springboard Beyond Cancer

Contact Name: 
Corinne Leach, MPH, MS, PhD
Name of Institution, Organization or Community Where the Project Was Implemented: 
The American Cancer Society (ACS) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) collaborated to launch an online resource for cancer patients and survivors.
Description of Project Setting: 

Springboard Beyond Cancer (SBC) is an online resource that empowers people with cancer to actively manage their health. It's available at www.smokefree.gov/springboard.

Quality of Life
Target Population: 
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Project Description: 

Springboard Beyond Cancer (SBC) is a free, customizable self-management program to help people manage their physical and emotional symptoms, improve their communication skills and live healthier after their cancer diagnosis. SBC users can create and use printable personalized Action Decks (collections of information on specific topics relevant to cancer and treatment) to identify their cancer-related needs, set goals, create a plan to achieve their goals, monitor their progress and assess and maximize what is working for them.

Developed by the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, SBC modules are organized into categories of potential issues. Categories include symptoms (i.e., fatigue, pain, sexual problems, weight gain), stress and mood (anxiety, depression, distress, fear of recurrence, mindfulness), wellness (i.e., getting active, healthy eating, quitting smoking) and getting support (from your healthcare team, family/friends/caregivers, at work, and peer-to-peer support).

Problem or Issue the Project Was Designed to Address or Improve: 

As of January 2016, there were more than 15.5 million Americans with a history of cancer, a number projected to climb to more than 20 million by 2026. Many survivors struggle with physical, emotional and social issues such as fatigue, sleep disruptions, stress and other issues. Yet there was no free, comprehensive, evidence-based, and personalized eHealth tool specifically designed for cancer patient and survivor self-management. Springboard Beyond Cancer provides an easy-to-use, customizable resource to help cancer patients and survivors address their unique needs during and after treatment.

Difficulties Encountered in Planning, Implementing, Evaluating or Sustaining the Project: 
Project Successes: 
Springboard Beyond Cancer integrates evidence from Cancer.org, Cancer.gov, survivorship clinical research, health behavior interventions and mHealth expertise into a mobile-optimized resource that provides specific, succinct action items for cancer survivors to manage concerns.
Project Significance: 
Springboard Beyond Cancer provides a free, evidence-based, customizable self-management eHealth resources to help cancer survivors set and achieve health and wellness goals, which can improve their quality of life and health outcomes.
Lessons Learned for Patients, Caregivers and/or Communities: 
Cancer survivors can be empowered to manage their needs, in collaboration with their medical team, which can reduce their disease burden and improve overall health.
Lessons Learned for Clinicians or Health Care Professionals: 
Patient empowerment resources such as Springboard Beyond Cancer can serve as a starting point for many conversations around survivors’ needs.
Lessons Learned for Researchers or Additional Research Needed: 
Research can be summarized and developed into succinct messages that patients can understand and act on.