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    National Cancer Control Month Social Media Toolkit 2020

    This toolkit is designed to help public health professionals establish a National Cancer Control Month social media strategy, manage social media accounts, implement Facebook and Twitter best practices, disseminate National Cancer Control Month messaging and evaluate their social media efforts. Take advantage of this awareness month to communicate about your work and successes and thank your members and followers for their support.

    National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center

    The National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center (The Survivorship Center) is a collaboration between the American Cancer Society (ACS), a CCC National Partner, and the George Washington University (GW) Cancer Institute funded by a 5-year cooperative agreement from the CDC. Its goal is to shape the future of cancer survivorship care and improve the quality of life of cancer survivors as they transition from treatment to recovery. Here you will find information about the progress The Survivorship Center has made and resources that have been developed for cancer survivors, health care professionals, and the policy and advocacy community. Check back often, because the information and resource sections will continue to grow.

    National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center: Cancer Survivorship: A Policy Landscape Analysis

    This white paper was written by the American Cancer Society (ACS), a CCC National Partner, and the George Washington University (GW) Cancer Institute to educate policy makers on cancer survivorship issues and describe the priority areas for improving survivorship care. 

    National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

    NCCS has worked with legislators and policy makers to represent cancer patients and survivors in efforts to improve their quality of care and quality of life after diagnosis. Their unique niche in the cancer advocacy landscape is promoting policy change to ensure quality cancer care. Their vision is to be an advocacy organization that reflects the needs of all cancer survivors to effect policy change at the national level.

    National Equity Atlas

    The National Equity Atlas is a first-of-its-kind data and policy tool for the community leaders and policymakers who are working to build a new economy that is equitable, resilient, and prosperous. The right data can drive policy change—but data describing the state of equity in regions and states is difficult to access. The Atlas fills this need. The Atlas provides data on demographic change, racial inclusion, social determinants of health, and the economic benefits of equity for the largest 150 regions, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the United States.

    National HPV Vaccination Roundtable: Rhode Island HPV Immunization Case Study

    In August 2015, Rhode Island implemented an HPV vaccine requirement for middle school children. This case study reviews the process by which the Rhode Island Department of Health implemented the requirement as well as the documented successes, and backlash, to the school entry requirement.

    For more information on state-based school HPV vaccination requirements, including pending and past state-based legislation, visit the National Conference of State Legislatures page on HPV Vaccine: State Legislation and Statutes.

    Noncommunicable Disease Policy Toolkit

    Pacific Island Health Officers' Association created a Noncommunicable Disease Policy Toolkit designed for use in the Pacific Islander Jurisdictions.  It includes key information on policy, community engagement, tobacco, alcohol, nutrition, and physical activity.  Tools include sample presentations, fact sheets, and talking points.

    Northwest Center for Public Health Practice University of Washington Online Trainings

    Northwest Center for Public Health Practice's free trainings are searchable here. Sort and filter training search results by topic, format, cost and more.

    Online Academy Flyers 2019

    These flyers provide information about the GW Cancer Center's online course offerings for health care professionals, cancer control and other public health professionals. For more information, please visit

    Online Academy Social Media Graphics 2019

    Online Academy Twitter Graphic

    These social media graphics can be used to promote the George Washington University (GW) Cancer Center's Online Academy courses on a variety of social media channels. Adaptable versions of the graphics are also available via Canva and can be co-branded or updated to match your organization's colors and fonts.