Supporting Cancer Survivors through Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs


The purpose of this survivorship report is to present a national snapshot of the current state of cancer survivorship in the U.S., including what we know about the health status, needs and disparities among survivors. The focus of this report is on post-treatment survivorship issues. We also highlight some systems-level approaches to addressing needs for post-treatment cancer survivors. This report can be used to:

  • Provide an introductory education for comprehensive cancer control staff and coalition members on cancer survivorship needs and opportunities for engagement
  • Revise your state cancer plan to include select survivorship benchmarks
  • Identify systems-level opportunities for supporting cancer survivorship in surveillance and applied research; communication, education and training; programs, policies and infrastructure; and access to quality care and services
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2016-01-01 00:00:00
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Access to health services
Cancer - General
Collaboration/Engagement - CCC coalitions
Collaboration/Engagement - CCC programs
CCC programs and coalitions
Creating state cancer plans and CCC guidelines
Health disparities/equity
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GW Cancer Center
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District of Columbia (DC)
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