Seven Steps for Policy, Systems and Environmental Change: Worksheets for Action


This Seven Steps for Policy, Systems and Environmental Change: Worksheets for Action is a companion to both and the accompanying Action for PSE Change: A Training. The George Washington University (GW) Cancer Center developed these resources to assist comprehensive cancer control (CCC) professionals in planning, designing, implementing and evaluating PSE change initiatives. Each is organized around the seven steps of the PSE change process. is an online tool that provides an explanation of each step of the PSE change process and highlights PSE change success stories from CCC programs in states, Washington, D.C., tribes and U.S. Associated Pacific Islands/territories. The site also provides an extensive list of resources that you may wish to consult in conjunction with the worksheets in this guide.

The free, web-based Action for PSE Change: A Training thoroughly explores PSE change, from its evidence base to a full-length case study. The training provides background information on the PSE change process, a PSE action plan template, real-world examples and suggests theoretical and evaluation approaches to help grow the PSE change evidence base. The training is available at the GW Cancer Center’s Online Academy. The Online Academy offers a number of training and education opportunities for health care and public health professionals to help advance patient-centered care and evidence-based public health practice.

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2017-01-01 00:00:00
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Access to health services
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