Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp


The George Washington University (GW) Cancer Center is offering a free pilot training on implementation science for cancer control professionals. 

The Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp training aspires to advance health equity by improving cancer control plan implementation. The pilot training will provide sequential content covering the major phases of implementation including assessing context, using evidence and theories to plan implementation strategies, evaluation, facilitating change, and planning for sustainability.


  • Access to a free, interactive online training camp and related resources developed by experts in implementation science and cancer control
  • Networking from leading researchers, thought leaders and screening practitioner experts
  • Skills application through individual and team-based sessions
  • Team huddles to support the creation and implementation of cancer screening project plans, with guidance from facilitators to help map context, choose interventions, plan for adaptations, select strategies, evaluate, and sustain your project
  • Opportunities to engage with other teams in the Cancer Control Implementation Science Base Camp Training cohort
  • A network of colleagues sharing current challenges and lessons learned in striving to meet their cancer screening goals

To apply for the Base Camp training, please complete the application below. 

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2021-01-01 00:00:00
Learning Modules
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Evidence-based practices and interventions
Screening and detection initiatives
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GW Cancer Center
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District of Columbia (DC)
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