Comp Cancer 101 Wiki

What is Comp Cancer 101?

Comp Cancer 101 is a living “wiki” portal designed to help you with the nuts and bolts of various Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) coalition tasks. The purpose of Comp Cancer 101 is to house key practical information, including the collective diversity and wisdom of the CCC community, in a single location for easy access and peer-learning. Comp Cancer 101 can help you:

  • Orient new staff to the CCC world,
  • Make an informed decision if your CCC coalition is considering new practices,
  • Bring ideas from others in the CCC community to your CCC coalition,
  • Find guidance, information, and resources that facilitate your work, and
  • Satiate your curiosity about what everyone else is doing.

How do I use Comp Cancer 101? 

Each section of Comp Cancer 101 is organized by specific tasks, functions, or decision points that a CCC coalition may encounter. Each task, function, or decision point may include:

  • Guidance: Directives and best practices from leadership organizations (such as the CDC and reputable sources).
  • Snapshot: Aggregate information based on large and relatively complete samples of CCC programs/coalitions, whenever such information is available through peer-reviewed, published articles, publicly available survey data or comprehensive scans completed by GW Cancer Institute.
  • Resources: Tools and information related to the respective task, function, or decision.
  • Option: Strategy or practice ideas that are not mandated directives.
  • Considerations: Experiences, advice, lessons learned, food for thought and opinions from CCC program and coalition staff.
  • Examples: Examples to show guidance or options in action.

Disclaimer and an invitation 

Information for the Comp Cancer 101 Wiki comes from a variety of sources such as published materials, CCC websites, CCC coalition products, informal interviews and correspondence. It is a living resource that will be continuously updated as the CCC landscape evolves and as new resources, viewpoints and guidance come to our attention. If your CCC coalition has a successful practice or valuable lesson that you do not see represented – please share! Let the entire community learn from your experiences by submitting content to add to the wiki. Please also contact us if information posted about your CCC coalition becomes outdated.

Please email with questions, issues and suggestions for Comp Cancer 101.