BSHS in Medical Informatics | NOVA Crosswalk

BSHS in Medical Informatics | NOVA Crosswalk

This is the recommended program of study for students planning to obtain a NOVA associate's degree and transfer to GW to complete the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) in Medical Informatics.

Medical Informatics has emerged as a new field of study that bridges human-computer interactions in the health care space, as well as how the data we collect in these settings can be leveraged to improve patient safety, outcomes, and quality.  Graduates of the BSHS in Medical Informatics Program are well prepared to utilize their knowledge of electronic health records and databases within clinical settings.

GW Entry Requirement NOVA Accepted Courses # credits Notes

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.

Transferable course work must be completed with a grade of C or higher.


English Composition

ENG 111: College Composition I

ENG 112: College Composition II

3 credits

Students must complete 3 credits.

Biology with Lab

BIO 101: General Biology I

BIO 102: General Biology II

BIO 141: Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 142: Human Anatomy & Physiology II

BIO 231: Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 232: Human Anatomy & Physiology II

4 credits

Students must complete 4 credits.


MTH 157: Elementary Statistics

MTH 241: Statistics I

MTH 242: Statistics II

MTH 243: Probability & Statistics I

MTH 244: Probability & Statistics II

3 credits

Students must complete 3 credits.

Social Sciences

CST 100: Principles of Public Speaking

CST 114: Introduction to Mass Media

CST 126: Interpersonal Communication

CST 229: Intercultural Communication

ECO 110: Consumer Economics

ECO 115: Understanding Environment: An Economic Introduction

ECO 120: Survey of Economics

ECO 201: Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 202: Principles of Microeconomics

ECO 210: International Economics

ECO 245: Contemporary Economic Issues

GEO 210: People & the Land-Intro. To Cultural Geography

GEO 220: World Regional Geography

GEO 221: Regions of the World I

GEO 222: Regions of the World II

GEO 225: Economic Geography

GEO 230: Political Geography

PLS: All courses, except those included in notes.

PSY: All courses, except 211, 213 and those in notes.

SOC: All courses, except those included in notes.

SSC 115: Introduction to Global Affairs

SSC 205: Cultural & Social Study of Women

6 credits

Students must complete a minimum of 6 credits.

All 90-190-290, 96-196-296, 97-197-297, 98-198-298, or 99-199-299 courses are excluded for subjects in this block. 


ARC 200: History of Architecture

ARC 201: History of Modern Architecture

ART 100: Art Appreciation

ART 101: History and Appreciation of Art I

ART 102: History and Appreciation of Art II

ART 103: History of Far Eastern Art I

ART 104: History of Far Eastern Art II

ART 105: Art in World Culture

ART 106: History of Modern Art

ART 150: History of Film & Animation

ART 211: History of American Art I

ART 212: History of American Art II

ART 213: Italian Art I

ART 214: Italian Art II

ASL 125: History & Culture of the Deaf Community

ASL 201: American Sign Language III

ASL 202: American Sign Language IV

CST 130: Introduction to the Theatre

CST 141: Theatre Appreciation I

CST 151: Film Appreciation I

CST 152: Film Appreciation II

CST 231: History of Theatre I

CST 232: History of Theatre II

ENG 200: Introduction to Linguistics

ENG 211: Creative Writing I

ENG 212: Creative Writing II

ENG 215: Creative Writing-Fiction I

ENG 216: Creative Writing-Fiction II

ENG 217: Creative Writing-Poetry I

ENG 218: Creative Writing-Poetry II

ENG 219: Creative Writing-Drama

ENG 221: Advanced Journalism I

ENG 222: Advanced Journalism II

ENG 230: Mystery in Literature & Film

ENG 236: Introduction to the Short Story

ENG 237: Introduction to Poetry

ENG 241: Survey of American Literature I

ENG 242: Survey of American Literature II

ENG 243: Survey of English Literature I

ENG 244: Survey of English Literature II

ENG 245: Major English Writers

ENG 246: Major American Writers

ENG 247: Survey of Popular Culture

ENG 249: Survey of Asian American Literature

ENG 250: Children’s Literature

ENG 251: Survey of World Literature I

ENG 252: Survey of World Literature II

ENG 253: Survey of African-American Literature I

ENG 254: Survey of African-American Literature II

ENG 255: Major Writers in World Literature

ENG 256: Literature of Science Fiction

ENG 257: Mythology

ENG 261: Advanced Creative Writing I

ENG 262: Advanced Creative Writing II

ENG 267: The Modern Novel

ENG 270: Non-Western Literature in Global Context

ENG 271: The Works of Shakespeare I

ENG 272: The Works of Shakespeare II

ENG 273: Women in Literature I

ENG 274: Women in Literature II

ENG 276: Southern Literature

ENG 279: Film and Literature

Foreign Languages: All 100-level and 200-level courses, except those included in notes.

HIS 101: History of Western Civilization I

HIS 102: History of Western Civilization II

HIS 111: History of World Civilization I

HIS 112: History of World Civilization II

HIS 121: United States History I

HIS 122: United States History II

HIS 125: History of the American Indian

HIS 126: Women in World History

HIS 127: Women in American History

HIS 135: History of the Contemporary World

HIS 141: African-American History I

HIS 142: African-American History II

HIS 203: History of African Civilization I

HIS 204: History of African Civilization II

HIS 205: Local History

HIS 211: History of England I

HIS 212: History of England II

HIS 214: History of Scotland

HIS 218: Introduction to Digital History

HIS 225: Topics in European History I

HIS 226: Topics in European History II

HIS 231: History of Latin American Civilization I

HIS 232: History of Latin American Civilization II

HIS 241: History of Russia I

HIS 242: History of Russia II

HIS 243: History of the Ancient World I

HIS 251: History of Middle East Civilization I

HIS 252: History of Middle East Civilization II

HIS 253: History of Asian Civilizations I

HIS 254: History of Asian Civilizations II

HIS 255: History of Chinese Culture and Institutions

HIS 256: History of Japanese Culture and Institutions

HIS 261: Topics in Cultural Ethnicity I

HIS 262: U.S. History in Film

HIS 266: Military History of the Civil War

HIS 267: The Second World War

HIS 268: The American Constitution

HIS 269: Civil War & Reconstruction

HIS 271: The American Frontier: 1607-1890

HIS 276: US History Since World War II

HIS 277: The American Experience in Vietnam

HIS 279: Age of the American Revolution

HIS 280: American Foreign Policy Since 1890

HUM: All courses, except those included in notes.

MUS 121: Music Appreciation I

MUS 122: Music Appreciation II

MUS 221: History of Music I

MUS 222: History of Music II

MUS 225: The History of Jazz

PHI: All courses, except those included in notes.

PHT 110: History of Photography

REL: All courses, except those included in notes.

3 credits

Students must complete a minimum of 3 credits.

All 90-190-290, 96-196-296, 97-197-297, 98-198-298, or 99-199-299 courses are excluded for subjects in this block. 


Students may use any college-level (i.e. 100-level and 200-level) academic courses towards this requirement in the following subjects: ACC, ADJ, ARA, ARC, ART, ASL, BIO, BUS, CHI, CST, DIT, DMS, DNA, DNH, ECO, EMS, ENG, ENV, FRE, FST, GEO, GER, GOL, GRE, HIM, HIN, HIS, HIT, HLT, HMS, HUM, ITA, JPN, KOR, LAT, MDL, MKT, MSC, MTH, MUS, NAS, NUR, OCT, PBS, PHI, PHY, PLS, POR, PSY, PTH, RAD, REL, ROC, RTH, RUS, SOC, SPA, SSC, VTN

41 credits

Students must complete a minimum of 41 credits.

Any courses above that have not been used towards other GW general education requirements, including the 90-190-290, 98-198-298, and 99-199-299 exceptions noted above can be used towards this requirement.

Experience/coursework in programming languages is highly recommended. Additional biology, computer science, math, and cognitive science courses also recommended.

Total Transfer Credits


60 credits