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Overview & Objective

The Bioinformatics and Molecular Biochemistry MS program enables students to work with mentors and principal investigators on specialized projects which are synergistics with their skills and research interests. Mentors and students can use this as a resource to evaluate various research interests. Information for students on the thesis completion criteria and required forms can be found on the graduation requirement page. Students may also use the tutorials section below to brush up on skills, programming languages, and analysis tools.

Useful tutorials for data analysis tools, languages, and software

Students may use the resources below to learn data analysis and visualization skills. Students may also join or contribute to various crowd sourced projects below such as COVID-19 biomarkers or the OncoMX Cancer Biomarkers and more.

Linux basics

Learning programming languages

Bioinformatics and computational biology

Crowd Source Projects

These are great online projects run by Mazumder Lab:

Open Opportunities

Shook Lab

The Shook Lab is looking for a BMM MS student to develop MATLAB scripts for the analysis of microscope-generated images. The exciting and flexible opportunity can be expanded into a Thesis project or quickly developed as a side project to allow students to gain experience working with wet-lab scientists through analyzing tissue sections. All efforts, big or small, will be appropriately recognized in subsequent publications. Please contact Dr. Brett Shook ( with your interests and qualifications for this project.

Johnson & Johnson

Summer intern positions at J&J now open to apply! My team is looking for computational biologists, ideally with transcriptomic analysis experience.

2021 Research and Development Summer Internship in Multiple Locations | Non Operating Companies

Johnson & Johnson is hiring a 2021 Research and Development Summer Internship in Multiple Locations. Review all of the job details and apply today!

2020-2021 Current & Past Mentors

  • Mamta Gupta - GW Cancer Center - Cancer biology
  • Valerie Hu - GW BMM - Autism
  • Raja Mazumder - GWU HIVE-Lab - Bioinformatics
  • Huadong Pei - GW Cancer Center - DNA damage and repair
  • Brett Shook - Shook Lab - Immune Response
  • Alejandro Villagra - GW Cancer Center - Immuno Epigenetics
  • Anelia Horvath - MGPC - scRNA-seq
  • Wei Li - Children’s Hospital - Genome engineering, single cell genomics
  • Kazue Hashimoto-Torii - Children’s Hospital - Neurobiology
  • Vittorio Gallo - Children’s Hospital - Children’s Hospital - Neuroscience Research
  • Deepa Rastogi - Children’s Hospital - Obesity-related asthma
  • Inhee Chung -  Anatomy and Regenerative Biology
  • Kathryn King - US Food and Drug Administration - Cancer Biology
  • Sabyasachi Sen, Medical Faculty Associates, Diabetes and HIV
  • Edward Seto - GW Cancer Center, HDAC inhibitors
  • Sydney Fu - GW Cancer Center, Cancer Biology