The research mission of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine is to conduct basic and translational research at the highest scientific level. Our faculty members are dedicated to searching for path-breaking scientific discoveries in the areas of cellular and molecular biochemistry through our signature research programs in cancer, hepatobiology, autism and disease centered computational genomics.

The McCormick Genomic and Proteomic Center (MGPC) is a genomic research center at the interface of computational genomics and wet-laboratory within the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Our mission is to discover, generate and/or experimentally validate new hypotheses, and unravel key molecular events in normal and diseased cells, while integrating genomic education into our curriculum.

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  Department Shared Equipment




556 - Wu Lab


558 - Communal lab space


558 - Communal lab space

qPCR (Bio-Rad)

Jiyoung Lee and Brett Shook labs on the 3rd floor

gel doc system

558 – Communal lab space

Olympus fluorescent microscope


Olympus confocal microscope (not in working condition)


Bacteria incubator/shaker

558 – Communal Common lab space

Beckman centrifuge (used by labs from BMM and sometimes by labs from other depts)

558 - Communal lab space

X-ray film developer

545 -

Biotek Synergy H1 Plate reader

558 – Communal Common lab space

HPLC with fraction collector

SEH – Edward Seto






















SMHS Shared Equipment

Cryostar/Thermo-Fisher Cryostat


734 A Molly Karl

Eppendorf EpMotion Automatic Liquid Handler


734 A Molly Karl

Li-Cor Odyssey Infrared Imaging System


734 A Molly Karl

GE NanoVue Dropwise Spectrophotometer


734 A Molly Karl

Bio-Rad Real Time Thermal Cycler


734 A Molly Karl

ThermoFisher Varioskan Flash Plate Reader

and the Seahorse Bioanalyzer

734 A Molly Karl