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Students Feedback

The program provides a thorough understanding of biochemistry and bioinformatics. It allows students the flexibility to choose their topic of interest to study for their thesis by providing a multitude of labs to pick from. Personally, I was highly encouraged to do my own research on labs available before deciding on a project.

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I am very grateful and happy to be in the program and have the opportunity to do research for my thesis. Grateful to ALL the faculty for making the material exciting and accessible and always being supportive.

5 stars, I’d do it again.

The MS program offers a variety of opportunities to do research and learn a variety of specific topics in classes. Professors are also supportive of making sure that students succeed in research and studies. If you are a recent graduate of a bachelor's degree in bioscience looking to expand your knowledge and research experience, then I would recommend this program.      

This program helped me instill skills that are useful for jobs in the future. You actually feel prepared and comfortable and ready by the time you graduate. The faculty are very knowledgeable in what they do and give amazing advice that I will carry with me through my life. 

The bioinformatics and molecular biochemistry MS program has prepared me for a career in the biotech industry. Focusing in biochemistry, I was exposed to not only new biochemistry research and the ability to improve on laboratory techniques but not the exposure of bioinformatics.

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I have never been more immersed in a program of study than I was at George Washington University. Not only did I learn in the classroom, but outside I learned to apply skills from the ground up. I learned every step in taking an idea to the real bioinformatics world. 

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Recommendations for Incoming Students

Bioinformatics Book

Students are also encouraged to use Windows operating systems for better compatibility.


GW Bioinfo & Biochem students and alumni

Master student symposium prizes

Congratulations to the Best Presenter Prize recipients in the category of,

  • 2022 Biochemistry - Laura Langston
  • 2022 Bioinformatics - Evgenia Ulianova
  • 2021 Biochemistry - Juntian Wei
  • 2021 Bioinformatics - Turkey Abdullah Alsaeedy
  • 2020 Biochemistry - Natalie Orsi
  • 2020 Bioinformatics - Hongyu Liu
  • 2019 Biochemistry – Alexis Dean
  • 2019 Bioinformatics – Jessica Debski
  • 2018 Ifeoma Ikwuemesi
  • 2017 Biochemistry – Lama ElZohary
  • 2017 Bioinformatics – C. Hadley King IV
  • 2016 Biochemistry – Salman Hashmi
  • 2016 Bioinformatics – Merve Dede
  • 2015 Biochemistry – Mingi Kang
  • 2015 Bioinformatics – Mercedeh Javanbakt Movassagh
  • 2014 Francesca Gardner
  • 2013 Amarel Saieg Tomney
  • 2012 Biochemistry - YiChien Lee
  • 2012 Bioinformatics - Dinesh Cayanam
  • 2011 Yanjun Feng
  • 2010 Bin-Jin Hwang
  • 2009 Gizem Uzturk

2019 Student travel awards and talks

The 12th International Society for Biocuration (ISB) Conference in Cambridge, United Kingdom, April 7 - 10, 2019

Evan Holmes - Selected for a talk and a poster presentation titled OncoMX: a cancer biomarker resource leveraging published literature and genomics data

Janisha Patel- ISB travel grant recipient will present a poster - BioCompute: Streamlined Communication of High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) Computational Workflows and Knowledgebase Curation

GW Shenkman Career Services Fund - Student Professional & Career Development Grant recipients to present their posters at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) in Montreal, Canada, May 1 - May 4, 2019.

Jessica Debski - Impact of endocrine disruptors on miRNA expression in sperm: a risk factor for autism?

Angela Maggio - Impact of endocrine disruptors on the sperm methylome: a risk factor for autism?