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Press Release

April 3, 2020 - 3:00pm

The GW Medical Enterprise will begin drive-through testing for COVID-19 on Monday, April 6, 2020.

March 25, 2020 - 9:37am

A new literature review from scientists at GW and NIST suggests that nutrition and diet have a profound impact on the microbial composition of the gut.

March 23, 2020 - 8:54am

Researchers at GW published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology Clinical Cancer Informatics on the new knowledgebase OncoMX, which will improve the exploration and research of cancer biomarkers in the context of related evidence.

March 5, 2020 - 11:22am

The GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences has experts available to speak for stories during Kidney Health Month.

February 11, 2020 - 10:33am

Physician-researchers at the George Washington University published a review suggesting that telehealth interventions are associated with improved obstetric outcomes.

February 10, 2020 - 8:57am

Research from the George Washington University has found that apolipoprotein A-I binding protein restricts HIV-1 replication by targeting lipid rafts and reducing virus-cell fusion.

January 30, 2020 - 2:31pm

A new survey from dermatology and emergency medicine researchers at GW suggests that the dermatology community is inadequately prepared for a biological disaster and would benefit from a formal preparedness training program.

January 29, 2020 - 8:58am

GW experts are available to speak for stories on heart health during American Heart Month.

January 22, 2020 - 9:23am

The Cutaneous Oncology Program at the GW Cancer Center was selected as the first global site for a clinical trial for patients with high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.

January 21, 2020 - 9:07am

A new study from Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPH, maternal depression in the postpartum period, and even beyond, is associated with the development of atopic dermatitis throughout childhood and adolescence.