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Professor Erika Bramlette and PA students
February 27, 2020 - 9:48am

Interviewing for a job can be a daunting task, but second-year physician assistant at SMHS are ready to impress their potential employers thanks to the introduction to professional practice course and a session of mock job interviews.

February 26, 2020 - 10:48am

Sabrina Figueiredo, PhD, MSc, joined SMHS as co-director of the Health Care Quality (HCQ) Program. Figueiredo comes to GW from McGill University in Montreal, where she served as assistant director of the physical therapy program.

Sabrina Figueiredo, Roger Ideishi and Melissa Tice
February 19, 2020 - 9:31am

Thy include leaders for the Occupational Therapy Programs, the Health Care Quality Program, and the Regulatory Affairs Program.

January 27, 2020 - 12:02pm

Researchers at the George Washington University Advanced Metrics Lab found that a hip fracture patient’s length of stay in a rehabilitation facility has a greater impact on functional independence than therapy time per day.

January 14, 2020 - 12:04pm

GW's online bachelor's degree programs were ranked among the top 20 programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

January 6, 2020 - 9:02am

Leigh Frame, PhD, MHS, published in Current Treatment Options in Gastroenterology on the correlation between consumption of highly processed foods and increasing prevalence of obesity.

January 3, 2020 - 9:26am

Congratulations to Linda Zanin, EdD ’96, MA ’92, director of strategic partnerships at the SMHS, who was recently elected to the engagement commission for the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships.

January 2, 2020 - 10:38am

Shawneequa Callier, JD, published an article addressing the role of racial categories in precision medicine research.

December 18, 2019 - 10:56am

Erika Bramlette, MBA, PA-C, assistant professor of physician assistant studies at SMHS, attended a meeting of the health professionals chapter of the National Organization of Diversity Officers in Higher Education. She discusses the importance of...

Illustration of head with squiggly lines around it
December 4, 2019 - 12:03pm

Each year, close to 3 million Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)-related emergencies arrive at hospitals and ambulatory care centers across the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control. While many of those are relatively minor, stemming...