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Education Seminar Series Fall 2018

September 24: Ross Hall CFE Conference Room - Victor Taylor Ph.D: Using 3D Printed Model in Embryology Education 

Anatomy and Cell Biology Research Seminars Fall 2018

September 13: Ross Hall Room 402 - (11am -12:30pm) - Sally A. Moody Ph.D:Wanderings through biodiversity, retinoic acid signaling and developmental genetics - lessons on   international collaborations.

October 11: Ross Hall Room 737 - (10:30am -11:45am) - Robert Miller Ph.D: Mechanisms of myelin breakdown in CNS demyelinating diseases

October 31: Ross Hall Room 601 - (11am - 12:30pm) - Sabyasachi Sen Ph.D: Stem Cells in Diabetes: is it working ?

Novermber 8: Ross Hall Room 643 - (11am -12:30pm) - Robert Hawley Ph.D: Discovery of a Novel Small Molecule Inhibitor of the PAX3-FOXO1 Oncogenic Driver in Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma

December 13: Ross Hall Room 737- (11am - 12:30pm) - Anne Chiaramello Ph. D: Mitochondrial Diseases: a Box Full of Surprises


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