Program Director & Faculty

Dr. Rosalyn Jurjus, GCATS program director has extensive experience teaching the anatomical disciplines (gross anatomy, embryology and microscopic anatomy) to medical students and other graduate and undergraduate students. She is the GI/Liver Block Director in the Medical Curiculum and she directs several courses in the various programs offered by the Anatomy and Regenerative Biology Department. 

As the academic advisor for the GCATS program, Dr. Jurjus will work one-on-one with students to help them successfully matriculate into medical school or physician assistant programs.

Tailoring the curriculum to each GCATS student, Dr. Jurjus will provide opportunities to gain research experience in translational medicine and/or clinical enhancement experience. Additionally, she will assist students in preparing applications to medical schools or physician assistant programs, including writing composite letters of recommendation. At the start of each semester, Dr. Jurjus must approve selected courses before registration. To ensure students remain on the right track, Dr. Jurjus will regularly meet with GCATS students throughout the semester. 

All changes in the program of study must be pre-approved by the program director. To get in touch with Dr. Jurjus for these types of changes, email her at

The core faculty for this graduate certificate are from the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. They are well-experienced instructors of the gross anatomy, histology, embryology and neuroanatomy courses within the medical school curriculum. Faculty members who also participate in the interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs of the Institute for Biomedical Sciences provide an introduction to contemporary topics and imaging techniques in regenerative biology and systems physiology.