Other Specialty

Specialty Interest Groups:
Many of the major medical specialties have student-run specialty interest groups. These groups usually plan periodic opportunities to meet physicians from the specialty, experience clinical skills required in the specialty (eg. simulations of surgeries, emergencies, deliveries, etc.), learn about breaking advances in the specialty, or become involved in academic journal club experiences. All specialty interest groups coordinate their activities through the Office of Student Professional Enrichment (OSPE) and the OSPE's website contains a comprehensive list of student organizations and contact information. Specialty groups are active in each of the following specialty areas: adolescent medicine, anesthesiology, cardiology, dermatology, emergency medicine, family medicine, infectious diseases, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, oncology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry, plastic surgery, radiation oncology, radiology, urology, and wilderness medicine.

Specialty Nights:
Twice each year, SMHS sponsors a specialty night where program directors and faculty, from most of the major specialties, hold meetings to discuss their specialty, answer questions about what they do, and residency applications/training in the specialty. Although these are of particular interest for third-year students, other classes are invited and are welcome to attend.

Summer Specialty Shadowing Program:
This shadowing program for first-year medical students was established over 10 years ago. Dozens of physicians in different specialty areas volunteer to allow medical student shadowing during the summer between their first and second years, usually in July or August. This program is coordinated by the OSPE, and information about the program will be disseminated to students around the end of the spring semester each year. You can arrange to follow one physician for a number of days, or several different specialists for one or two days each. About one-third of each class takes an opportunity to shadow through this program.