Applying to Residency #1: Away rotations, Schedules, CVs

April 19, 2017

Dear Class of 2018,

Welcome to the first of many emails from your career advisory deans on this adventure called the fourth year! We will be communicating with you every few weeks throughout the rest of the year with information and updates about your senior year, residency applications, and the interview and matching process.  We strongly advise you to read all of these messages very carefully. Also, remember that the legendary "Guide to the fourth year" (aka Guide to Transition to Advanced Clinical Practice) contains extensive information about every aspect of residency applications and matching, so don't forget to review it regularly. 

As the first in our series of informational items, we'd like to share a few items.

Visiting electives ("aways") data. Attached to this message is a spreadsheet that compiles student course evaluations on electives completed at OTHER INSTITUTIONS (ie. visiting student electives/aways) over the past few years. This is hot off the presses and includes current academic year data. You can search the database by location, institution, or specialty to find out about student experiences.  This includes both domestic and international electives. 

Your fourth year schedule. As you have likely noticed, your fourth year schedule is fairly fluid and can and will change throughout the year. You can make these changes directly with the Dean's office staff up until a certain time (June 1 for courses this upcoming semester July-December 2017; December 1 for the spring semester, January-May 2018). After the deadlines, you can still make changes but must now also include notification and permission of the respective course directors and/or coordinators. This is done electronically through our add/drop online form and attaching email approvals. For any changes within 30 days of course start date, you will also need approval by your career advisory dean. 
Your CV. If you haven't already, it's a good idea to get your CV ready for the application process. Resources include the Guide to the Fourth Year, AAMC's Career in Medicine site with sample CVs (in the Applying to Residency section), and we are also happy to review your CV and give feedback. We will also be holding a new "Tune-up your CV" workshop for anyone interested and will offer it at two different lunch times (4/26, 4/27) during your upcoming intersession week. Stay tuned for more details.
Here are some tips about referencing in your CVs:
1) Most professional CVs use some version of the following headings for the section on scholarly work:
     a) Peer-reviewed publications: journal articles or abstracts that have been peer-reviewed and published OR formally accepted for publication.
     b) Textbook, book chapters, monographs
     c) Presentations: only for presentations (oral or poster) that have been presented or accepted for future presentation at a scholarly meeting or forum. Yes, Research Day counts!
     d) Other publications:  newspaper or newsletter articles, online articles that are not peer reviewed, invited papers, policy briefs, etc.  These can be referenced, but you need to be very careful to ensure that a reader can somehow find the document (eg. include URL, or appropriate referencing for newspapers or newsletters/magazines, etc.).
2) "Presentations" refer to presentations that have been formally accepted or given at regional or national academic meetings.  You must fully reference the authors, title, and the name/location/date of the meeting.
3) Research that is "in progress" CANNOT be listed under publications or presentations, but could be mentioned under "Research experiences" or similar section.
4) Some examples of how to reference common types of publications or presentations (Bold your name! Don't leave yourself out completely with an unfortunately placed "et al." - list all authors in those cases.):
Haywood Y, Norris L, Chretien KC. How to Appropriately Reference Items for your CV. The Foggy Bottom Journal of Medicine, 2016; 13(1): 118-126.
Haywood Y, Chretien KC, Norris L.  How to Appropriately Reference Items for your CV. The Foggy Bottom Journal of Medicine (accepted for publication July 1st, 2016).
Norris L, Chretien KC, Haywood Y. How to Appropriately Reference Items for your CV. Poster Presentation, Foggy Bottom Regional Medical Conference, Washington, DC, August 12, 2014.
Haywood Y, Norris L, Chretien KC, Schroth WS. How to Appropriately Reference Items for your CV. Oral Presentation, Foggy Bottom Regional Medical Conference, Washington, DC, August 12th, 2014.
If you are not sure where a publication or article should be listed, talk to your research mentor, specialty advisor, and/or your career advisory dean.
If you need help with publication citing, our library has a great guide or feel free to contact the reference librarians  
That's it for now!
Deans Norris, Haywood and Chretien