Advising and Wellness Programs for Medical Students: Overview

Students talkingMedical education is a fascinating and remarkable privilege that you have now achieved. It is your gateway to a fulfilling career in an honorable profession. But, it is also a lengthy and challenging academic and personal journey, that can at times test your endurance and sense of life balance. You will face emotional stresses related to your academic work and to the moments that you will share with your patients, who will give of themselves at critical moments in their own lives in order to help you master the arts and sciences of medicine. In addition, as young professionals you will be faced by another series of important career decisions, many of which are far more complex than even your original decision to come to medical school in the first place. You all have your own personal support systems, but the school is also genuinely interested in helping you with these challenges. The information on these pages will help you meet the challenges of planning your future career and maintaining (indeed, enhancing) your personal sense of well-being in the process.