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Customized Toolkit of Information & Practical Solutions (C-TIPS)

The C-TIPS project is a study designed to help caregivers learn to choose activities to keep their family member more active and engaged. C-TIPS is conducted through an easy and convenient online program - you do not need to keep any special appointments and can complete C-TIPS from any computer with an internet connection.

You may be eligible to participate if you: 

  • Are caring for a family member who has a memory problem...
  • Have been providing care for at least 1 year...
  • Live with or visit your family member weekly...
  • Have access to a computer with an internet connection...
  • Want to learn how to choose activities to keep your loved one more active...
  • Are available to complete 5 online modules at your own pace requiring approximately 4 hours of time (total)

If you participate: 

  • A trained staff member will call to explain the study, answer questions, and determine eligibility.
  • You will be given access to a website that contains all study materials.
  • You will be provided with assessment materials and information to determine which activities fit your family member's capabilities.
  • You will be provided with an extensive online inventory of activities.
  • We will help you modify activities to meet you or your family member's unique situation or needs.
  • You will receive a $10 gift card for each interview completed (a possible total of 3 interviews) as a token of our appreciation.

I have been blown away by the amount, accuracy and helpfulness of the education C-TIPS provides. I credit C-TIPS as inspiration to continue to strive to make mother's life as meaningful as possible and to become a more patient, understanding, organized and educated CG for my mother.

C-TIPS has helped me realize the necessity of approaching the critical job of caregiving from a different perspective. CTIPS has energized me, my family and my support group.

C-TIPS will remain available for use while it is being revised. The next step is to submit C-TIPS to a more rigorous test with a larger sample and a control group. Dr. Corcoran will seek further funding for this purpose.